Halo Infinite recaptures that original multiplayer magic… even for oldies like me

It’s a delicious rock, paper, and scissors compromise between guns, shields, grenades, and melee combat. and Everyone is on an even playing field. Plasma weapons deplete shields faster, bullets drop unshielded enemies. Melee combat can obliterate a shield or down an unprotected enemy, but you’re unlikely to get caught in two punches without getting knocked down first. Grenades are recommended as an opening salvo or as a devastating point. Add a barrage of exotic weapons and gear; heat-seeking missiles, bouncing balls of plasma, huge shockwave-producing hammers, grappling hooks and you have a multitude of options to go about your business.

But even the down-to-earth starting guns, the assault rifle and pistol, make a satisfying double-team. Draining a shield takes almost exactly a full clip of the assault rifle, and doing so before quickly switching to the pistol and headshotting your quarry is a thrill that will grow old.

The reason this works so well, and arguably even better than previous Halo games, is how well it’s all communicated visually. These shields are very obvious and when exhausted they burst and the player is instead surrounded by crackling red energy, giving you the green light to take them down with a few well-placed shots. Particularly useful when wiping up after a multi-fight.

All of this makes Halo Infinite not only a pleasure to play, but a game that is wonderfully teachable. In shooters, including Halos before that, I’d bet you often get in a duel, die in a split second and yell “HOW?!” at the screen. There will always be a reason, but rarely are they so clear and give you an idea of ​​how to improve your tactics next time. Or at least it’s obvious where you screwed up in those more tactical fights.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/features/halo-infinite-multiplayer-review-recaptures-original-magic-even/ Halo Infinite recaptures that original multiplayer magic… even for oldies like me


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