Has Steelers HC Mike Tomlin suffered a losing season in his career

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful NFL franchises in league history. However, Pittsburgh is slowly starting the 2022 season, losing four straight games after winning the season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime. The start of the season could jeopardize head coach Mike Tomlin and his long-standing record.

Since taking over as Steelers head coach in 2006, Tomlin has never suffered a losing season, which in itself is remarkable. He led the team into the postseason on the touchline in 10 of his first 15 full seasons. In just his second season in the league in the 2008 season, he won his first Super Bowl and finished sixth overall in the franchise. Overall, Tomlin has a record of 115-89-1 five games in the 2022 season.

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Of his unbeaten seasons, nine have included 10-plus win seasons, most recently in the 2020 season with a 12-4 record. However, it was some that the franchise suffered a losing season.

The last time the Pittsburgh Steelers had a losing season

Former Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher
Former Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher

The last time the Steelers finished a season under .500 was under Hall of Famer head coach BIll Cowher in the 2003 season. They finished that season with a 6-10 record. Tomlin started Mitchell Trubisky, whom the team signed that offseason to replace Ben Roethlisberger, who retired after 18 seasons with the team.

However, Tomlin went to rookie Kenny Pickett, her first-round draft pick, to oust Trubisky.

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For Tomlin to keep his incredible streak of undefeated seasons alive, it will rest on the shoulders of Pickett and his brand defenses playing well. Pittsburgh will need to pick up steam soon to hit .500. Let’s see if Tomlin can turn the Steelers around and rack up at least nine wins this season, proving he’s the right coach for this team.

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