Have Liv and Vinny ever had sex?

Emmerdale couple Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle are very cute newlyweds, but have they ever had sex?

Liv’s asexuality means that she is not sexually attracted to another person.

What does this mean for your relationship?

When Sandra starts interfering in her marriage Emmerdale spoilerswill cracks appear soon?

Liv has been open about her asexuality (Credit: ITV)

What is asexuality?

Liv began struggling with her sexuality in her mid-teens.

After being teased by Gabby Thomas about her lack of interest in boys and her friendship with Gerry Roberts, Liv Belle Dingle finally confessed that she wasn’t interested in anyone – boys or girls.

Asexuality is a spectrum.

If someone is asexual, it means that they are not sexually attracted to anyone, regardless of gender.

It is not the same as celibacy, where one chooses not to engage in sexual activity.

Some asexual people find sex repulsive and abstain from it, while others may have sex for a variety of reasons.

Some asexuals are referred to as gray asexual—they are sexually attracted occasionally or under certain circumstances.

Demisexuals are individuals who can develop romantic attraction after forming a close emotional connection.

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny don't know how to get out of the hole they dug with Chas and Mandy
Liv and Vinny are happily married (Source: ITV)

Emmerdale: Did Liv and Vinny ever have sex?

Liv and Vinny have been in a relationship since 2020 after playing an online game during lockdown.

However, things went wrong when Vinny’s father, Paul, started hitting Vinny.

Liv was getting closer and closer to the truth, so Paul ordered Vinny to break up with his girlfriend.

When Vinny did as he was told, Liv begged that she loved him. But Vinny answered cruelly, saying, “You’re a nut who doesn’t want sex, what was I thinking? Look, Liv – me and you, we’re over.”

Still, Liv and Vinny became closer again when the truth was revealed. However, her drinking caused problems.

When Liv was arrested and sent to prison for the murder of Ben Tucker, Vinny was the only person who was there for her.

He fought to prove her innocence and stood by her every step.

After she was released when Meena’s guilt was exposed, Liv and Vinny resumed their relationship.

They subsequently married after eloping!

The couple is now living happily together and their relationship is only going from strength to strength.

However, they have never had sex.

Vinny has told his wife that he is happy without a sexual relationship and that being with her is more important.

Emmerdale Jacob and Liv are sitting on the sofa, he looks nervous while she looks seductive
Jacob and Liv almost slept together (Source: ITV)

Has Liv ever had sex in Emmerdale?

Liv almost had sex with Jacob Gallagher.

The teens dated in 2019.

Back then, he used her as a cover for his affair with teacher Maya Stepney.

Liv explained to him that she didn’t want to have sex and said that she was only satisfied with cuddling.

“Sometimes I feel like I should just try, but then I’m like, ‘No, because I’m not, right?'” she told him.

“I don’t think it’s because I haven’t met the right person or matured into a woman yet. I just don’t want to.”

Jacob agreed that he was fine with that.

However, as his affection for Maya grew, he distanced himself from Liv. She worried that he would leave her and decided to sleep with him to win him back.

But they didn’t pull it off.

Last year, when Liv was in the grip of her drinking addiction and desperate to get over Vinny, she tried seducing Jacob again. However, he pushed her back.

Will Liv believe Sandra’s lies? (Source: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Sandra tries to break up Liv and Vinny

Liv’s mother, Sandra, has returned to Emmerdale with a plan: get her hands on Liv’s cash.

Pretending to be on the road to recovery from her drinking problem, she goes straight ahead. She lives with Liv and Vinny and has a job at Mandy’s salon.

Oh, and she blackmails Rishi Sharma after sleeping with him.

The ruthless Sandra sees an opportunity next week when she sees Gabby and Vinny interact playfully with each other.

She uses Liv’s asexuality to cast doubt on Liv’s mind about her future with Vinny. Sandra then questions Vinny and Gabby’s friendship.

Just like on cue, Vinny and Gabby giggle together and Liv’s mind begins to whirl.

Sandra then uses her poison on Gabby, hinting that Liv and Vinny are in trouble. Gabby offers to speak to Vinny.

A delighted Sandra then uses Gabby and Vinny’s chat to cast further doubts on Liv about the nature of their relationship.

Liv is restless, but will she see through Sandra?

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