House GOP is wasting no time taking action to hold ousted Twitter execs accountable for “suppressing… information about the Biden family.”

The earliest days of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives are already showing results.

The three former Twitter execs responsible for censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop story — a story that could have turned the 2020 election — have received a formal invitation from the chair of the House Oversight Committee to tell the American people their decision to explain.

The answers will shape the rest of Joe Biden’s presidency — and the nation’s view of the FBI.


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In letters published On Wednesday, Kentucky Rep. James Comer wrote to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former chief legal officer; Yoel Roth, former head of the social media giant’s trust and safety department; and James Baker, Twitter’s former general counsel, telling them their presence on Capitol Hill is required “the week of February 6.”

You have until January 18 to respond. When National Review As mentioned, the committee can take steps to enforce it if they don’t want to appear voluntarily.

All three have left the company since mega-billionaire Elon Musk bought it. Gadde and Baker were fired.

Roth resigned and declared in an interview with journalist Kara Swisher that he had concluded that under Musk’s leadership, Twitter would be a never-ending series of disasters.

“I realized that even if I spent all day every day trying to avert the next disaster, there would still be those that would pull through,” he said.

All three played key roles in Twitter’s October 2020 decision to quash the New York Post’s rock-solid coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has since provided a wealth of information about President Joe Biden’s family business dealings.

Comer’s letter didn’t beat around the bush:

“On December 6, 2022, I wrote to you requesting your attendance at a committee hearing at the 118th Congress. Your presence is required due to Her role in suppressing Americans’ access to information about the Biden family on Twitter just before the 2020 election.” [Emphasis added.]

On one level, the appearance of the three will be anticlimatic. As the release of internal corporate communications known as the “Twitter files” has already shown, the suppression of the Post’s laptop coverage was based on the fiction that it violated Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy.


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That wasn’t true. It was the contents of a laptop that a computer repair shop owner in Wilmington, Delaware, had because the customer who dropped it off — almost certainly a drugged Hunter Biden — never picked it up.

Furthermore, when Twitter executives did so, they knew the materials were not hacked, but instead framed the decision in attorney-language.

In the first issue of the “Twitter Files” of December 2nd, journalist Matt Taibbi reported that Twitter’s then-vice president of global communications wrote in a shared email thread, “Can we honestly say this is part of the policy?”

To which Baker replied, “There are some facts to suggest the materials may have been hacked, while others suggest the computer may have been abandoned and/or the owner agreed to allow the repair shop access to it for at least some purposes.” . We just need more information.”

Those words wouldn’t have been credible even if you didn’t know who wrote them.

There were no “facts” to indicate the laptop had been hacked. The Post story clearly explained their origin. It had been abandoned in repair shop. It was seized by the FBI in December 2019, but the workshop owner made a copy of the hard drive. He gave this copy to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who eventually gave it to the Post Office.

But knowing that the author of those words was Baker, a former FBI General Counsel who was instrumental in the FBI’s sham investigation into “Russia collusion” that plagued Donald Trump’s presidency makes them even less believable.

Further “Twitter Files” revelations since then have exposed the toxic, dangerous relationship between the FBI and Twitter – what Taibbi called a “master dog” dynamic in which, according to the New York Post, the FBI treated Twitter like a “subsidiary” and essentially flagged posts it wanted suppressed. And the FBI was desperate to have the Hunter Biden laptop story suppressed.

And that takes the performance of Gadde, Roth and especially Baker to another level.

It is public knowledge that the FBI has owned the original laptop since December 2019. It’s simply impossible that the country’s top law enforcement agency was unaware of its explosive contents during the election campaign.

That said, it’s inconceivable that the FBI’s top leadership didn’t know what the laptop was saying about Hunter Biden, about the Biden family, and about the man who was running for President of the United States against Trump, an incumbent President The FBI leadership had spoken out against returning to the 2016 election and its anti-Trump activities at the time.

Do you think the FBI is corrupt?

(Do you hear the name of former FBI Director James Comey? How about Peter Strzok or Lisa Page? Andrew McCabe?)

Will all this be cleared up when Gadde, Roth and especially Baker are questioned under oath by newly empowered Republicans in the House of Representatives? Does anyone seriously think that all three are going to start sobbing, point fingers and explain that, yes, the country was taken over in a bloodless coup led by the Democratic Party and the men and women of the J. Edgar Hoover Building was staged in Washington?

(By the way, in Dante’s Inferno, the eighth circle of Hell is reserved for deceivers, only one above the ninth circle which he assigns to traitors. That might be relevant to some people one day.)

Does anyone think there will be a public acknowledgment that the American people have been betrayed by the masters of social media and by the executives, editors and foot soldiers of the old media who are using the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution to betray the same Constitution? ?

Probably not. But its importance should not be underestimated. Had the Hunter-Biden laptop story not been suppressed, the country would probably already be in the midst of Trump’s second term, which means all the disasters of the Biden presidency — the Afghanistan debacle, the destruction of America’s energy industry, runaway inflation, an illegal one Immigrant invasion – wouldn’t be with us.

The ramifications of the decision to censor the laptop story will affect the country for as long as the cursed ramifications of the cursed Biden presidency—that is, forever.

But this is the beginning of the GOP’s chance to use its majority in the House of Representatives to unravel the snake pit of conspiracies that surrounded the 2020 presidential election and the stench of despotism that surrounds the Biden administration today, including Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Politicized FBI.

It is well known that elections have consequences.

As the House Oversight Committee prepares, the country should see this in action. House GOP is wasting no time taking action to hold ousted Twitter execs accountable for “suppressing… information about the Biden family.”

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