House of the Dragon season 1, episode 9 recap

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not how game of Thrones, where the ninth episode would contain some shocking events, this episode feels relatively tame in comparison. Having said that, it’s still a decent watch. Although there isn’t much action, the tension between the characters, namely Rhaenys and Alicent, is excellent to see.

This HBO Max Series Summary House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 9 The Green Council contains spoilers.

house of the dragon Season 1, Episode 8 was quite eventful. When Viserys finally died, his wife, ForeignerShe misunderstood a comment and now believes that her son, aegon, should be king. But what will happen next? And will word of Viserys’ death spread, or will Alicent keep it a secret for now? in the game of Thrones, the ninth episode of a season, always had some kind of big event. For example Ned Stark losing his head, the Red Wedding and Daenerys burning down King’s Landing. Will the same happen in house of the dragon? Read the summary below to find out.

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 9 recap

The king is dead and Alicent mourns his death. But it is not publicly known yet. And she tells her father that Viserys wished for Aegon to be king. But not everyone believes that Viserys said such things. It causes a quarrel, and Christon accidentally kills a man. After that, Alicent says so Rhaenyra needs to be locked up, probably to protect her sons.

Afterwards, Alicent tells her children that their father is dead. Throughout the episode, Alicent struggles with Visery’s death. When she goes to his body, she almost collapses. Not knowing that Viserys is dead, Rhaenys criticizes Alicent for the treatment she received at King’s Landing. Alicent tells Rhaenys that Viserys is dead and now she wants her support to ensure Aegon becomes king. Instead, Rhaenys asks Alicent to introduce himself on the Iron Throne. Aegon and Aemond argue over who should have the crown, and it seems that Aegon is the brother most interested in taking the throne.

The end

Rhaenys and Alicent both sit in silence and seem to be contemplating recent events. Alicent tells Aegon to look more appreciative because he will be king in a few hours. There is a huge gathering and Otto tells them that not only is Viserys dead, but Aegon has been made king. Aegon makes a dramatic walk through the people and is crowned the new king. Alicent watches with delight.

The sweet moment will soon come to an end as a dragon flies across the kingdom. Is it Rhenyra? No, it’s Rhaenys. As Alicent prepares herself and Aegon to be burned to death, Rhaenys simply roars her dragon and then flies away.

What do you think of the ninth episode? Think it lives up to the standard of Game of Thrones’ famous ninth installment? Or did the episode leave you unimpressed? Anyhow, it looks like Alicent has a mission on her hands to protect herself and her children, especially Aegon. And what will Rhaenyra do when she learns that Aegon is king?

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