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At 65, Donna Marcia’s life changed forever. Her great wish was to become a mother and she achieved it at that age when she did not expect it and became the laughingstock of many people. Despite what people thought, she decided to enjoy the news and face what was to come. Marcia was a woman of strong character who was determined to become an engineer when that career was only for men.

However, her determination was not broken by the arguments of her parents and friends, when she graduated from high school, she managed to qualify for the Faculty of Engineering and Design, which caused a lot of excitement because there were only male students there. Marcia turned out to be a good student. She was always distinguished by her excellent average.

However, when she graduated from faculty, it was very difficult because employers did not care about her degree or academic merits, but about her gender, and because she was a woman, she was discriminated against and believed that she was not capable of doing so good job. Elias, one of her classmates, quickly found a job and advocated for her at the construction company, where he was hired and managed to get her a position.

Marcia turned out to be a great professional in this field, which the company recognized and entrusted important projects to her. She and Elias had been attracted to each other since college, but neither made the necessary first step. Working together, they fell in love and managed to build a relationship that lasted exactly 10 years.

At the end of that decade they married and he asked her not to have children because the work they had was very tiring. However, Marcia had a desire to become a mother and told him so. She also told them that she was willing to quit her job to raise her child. Elias accepted her proposal, but years passed and she was unable to conceive. They received multiple fertility treatments, but it was Mission Impossible, so they both resigned themselves to not being able to have children and went on with their lives as normal.

After 20 years of marriage, their relationship deteriorated and Elias left her for a much younger girl. It was a hard blow for Marcia, but thanks to her strong character, she was able to overcome it at that age. She was director of the construction company where she worked and in her last years dedicated herself to the best.

After that, she retired and began traveling the world with her savings, thinking that her retirement would be enough to live on. One night she heard a knock at the door of her house and to her surprise she found Elias standing in front of her, repentant for having left her since the young girl stole his money.

Marcia took pity on him and told him to stay in the guest room, but a month later he entered her bedroom and they resumed their intimate nights despite their age. A few months passed before the lady felt unwell and was forced to see the doctor, only to discover what she had never imagined. She was pregnant at 65. Elias almost fainted from the shock.

But unfortunately he took a very cowardly attitude and assured us that it was impossible, so that same day he took his things and left poor Marcia. The doctors’ first recommendation was that the woman should have an abortion because her life was in danger due to old age. But she was willing to take the risk because she assured me that she was healthy and felt strong enough to endure the pregnancy.

People’s murmurs were inevitable upon seeing her with her wrinkled skin and pregnancy. But she didn’t care about the comets. Her only concern was her health. So she walked every day and ate very well, and the process culminated in a natural birth where she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, leaving the doctors speechless.

Donna Marcia had slept peacefully her whole life, and at the age of 65 she found herself in her room with a newborn baby crying every three hours to be fed. The first two weeks were terrible for the woman, who had only the support of a neighbor who helped with the laundry. However, her body adjusted to the new reality and little by little she got used to the insomnia and all the hustle and bustle that comes with having a newborn.

When she went out several times with the baby in her arms, she was asked about the child’s parents as they didn’t believe it was theirs. When Andrina turned 4 and went to kindergarten, her classmates called out to her that her grandmother would pick her up. However, the little girl saw nothing wrong with this, because to her, her mother was just like everyone else.

However, as she got older, her classmate’s curiosity grew and they would sometimes ask her, why does your mommy have wrinkled skin on our mommies? Note that other children were very cruel and went so far as to tell her that their mother is an old woman, but Andrina didn’t care because she loved her mother with all her heart. While Donya Marcia gave her everything and although she was retired, she advised construction companies so that her daughter could have a good standard of living.

The lady was also very involved in school activities for her daughter. Some mothers initially avoided entrusting her with tasks that might have been too difficult for her. However, when they met, they could understand that she was a very active woman, and they integrated perfectly. Donna Marcia was practically the soul of the parent group. Always in top form, she was the main organizer of cultural activities. Everyone learned to respect her, but what made her happiest was that her daughter was proud of her.

When Andrina turned 15, her mother was already 80 years old, but that didn’t stop them from waltzing together. Her story was circulated by multiple media outlets as an example of the willpower of this mother who didn’t care about criticism and ridicule because she was going to give birth. As a senior, Donna Marcia never cared for people’s prying eyes when she first started having social networks, she didn’t mind the comments on Facebook that she was branded as irresponsible for leaving her daughter orphaned at an early age.

She always said that it doesn’t matter how long we lived with the person, but how we lived it. Andrina has also taken it upon herself to spread the word on her social networks how much she loved her mother because she was a wonderful woman and so generous that she decided to continue her pregnancy, knowing full well that it would complicate her could become. For the girl, her mother was the most vivid example of the strength of motherly love. Regardless of what people have said, 65 years apart, these women learn to be happy with one another. So much for today’s story. Humiliated for giving birth at 65 but no one imagined what would happen later – Women After 40

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