Hunter’s Season 2 ending explained

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The horrors of war and Hitler’s many atrocities are detailed in a gripping finale. This is solid filmmaking, although the show veers into Farcish from time to time. A great performance by Udo Kier and a powerful message at the end should appease fans of the series.

We recap Prime Video series Hunters Season 2 Episode 8, “The Trial of Adolf Hitler” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

Many historians and writers over the years have tried to imagine what “The Trial of Adolf Hitler” would actually be like if he were held accountable for the war crimes he committed. The final of Hunter season 2 examines this twisted fantasy in great detail, framing the episode almost like a psychological horror film Hitler (Udo Kier) Receives a “painful” fair trial and things appear to be going in his favor. It kind of makes it more authentic, the idea that even someone like Adolf Hitler could get away with his unprecedented sins just because we distrust the judiciary. An idea that is fully exploited by the filmmakers.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 8 Summary

The finale begins a few months after Hitler’s arrest. News outlets inform viewers that Hitler will be tried for his crimes against humanity in what is sure to be the trial of the century, possibly the millennium. Dental records and fingerprints have been used to verify Hitler’s identity and a full investigation into the circumstances of his staged death is underway. FBI agent Millie Morris is the only member of the Hunters team to be named throughout the saga, but all others are present at the trial in some way.

If you think this is going to be a simple, no-nonsense process, you are badly mistaken, Hitler is getting an established lawyer while his supporters gather outside the courtroom to protest. There’s even a shady judge with Nazi connections running the case, which can’t be good. the colonel and travis (yes, it looks like he survived the gunshots) also seem to be planning something in secret. And we get glimpses of Nazi foot soldiers planting explosives just to add to this overarching tension.

The exam starts normally. Individuals are being questioned and the accused seems nervous Benjamin Kramer, constantly criticizes the interrogation tactics of the public prosecutor’s office. from the off, Judge Mueller appears to side with Hitler, agreeing with Kramer’s objections and arguing privately with this prosecutor Olivier Frankel must prove Hitler’s crimes. It’s utter madness but it feels believable, everyone is entitled to a fair trial, even Adolf Hitler.

Mindy Markowitz Carol Kane is among the many survivors testifying in the case. This allows the show to explore the horrors of war in minute detail. It’s heartbreaking, and then Hitler asks his lawyer to cross-examine her, calling her a liar and an exaggerator. Luckily, Kramer refuses. There are rumors that Hitler is being interrogated, and this is where the show delves slightly into the absurd, walking a fine line between believability and farce. Frankel argues that if Hitler takes the stand he will inspire a new generation of Nazis, while Kramer believes it legitimizes the process and provides a proper defense, which the Nazis themselves would never do.

Frankel interrogates Hitler at the booth. Apparently, Hitler denies absolutely everything, stating that he hasn’t been hiding all these years, just vacationing. Hitler talks about the master race and his hatred of the Jewish community, but avoids incriminating himself. Frankel changes tactics and forces Hitler into a corner. The leader denies the crimes but believes his followers rightly idolize him. Confused by the contradictions, he is provoked to admit everything and let his anger overcome him.

Hitler is found guilty of all his war crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment. When the killer is picked up, he slips a cyanide pill and is taken away in an ambulance. This is where the Colonel’s plot unfolds and our hunters gather again to fight this planned escape. The ambulance driver shoots the other employees and drives Hitler to a hidden location. Jonah follows on a motorbike while the other hunters are in a car. The explosives from earlier are used to blow up a tunnel, forcing the hunters to give up the chase, but Jonah keeps riding his bike.

At an unknown location, Adolf is reunited with his wife. Calling him an embarrassment, she orders Travis to kill her husband on the spot. Travis turns on the Colonel and shoots her instead. He asks Adolf to appoint him the new leader of the Nazi Party and explains how he built a following in prison. jonah follows the enemy onto a rooftop and a shootout ensues. Jonah is shot and starts coughing up blood, although Joe is there to save the day. Travis disappears and has Hitler arrested again. In jail, he’s only referred to as a number, which only angers the man further, a fitting ending some would say.

Hunter’s Season 2 ending explained

The finale is intercut with a flashback focusing on it Meyers Story. 1977, Ruth and called Meyer Hunt for a Nazi Heinz Richter. In an eerie twist, Meyer calls Heinz to warn him of an impending attack. He names Ruth and gives Heinz her address, sealing her fate. Meyer was the one who caused Ruth’s murder. Was he afraid that she would find out and was he getting paranoid, or did he have ulterior motives?

We come back to the present, and it’s an all-around happy ending, or so it seems. millie receives a Congressional Gold Medal and Jonah marries Klara. Although Millie still feels guilty about killing the bishop, she confesses to the murder. However, they choose to ignore Millie’s confession, preferring to perceive her as a heroine while Jonah still worries that he is a monster. Millie comforts Jonah and he reciprocates. Both have emotional scars that need tending.

sister Harriet visits Jonah after the wedding and gives him a belated present. Inside are telephone recordings from Heinz Richter’s toy store. These prove that Meyer had telephoned Heinz on the day Ruth was murdered. Jonah realizes that Meyer tipped Heinz off, he practically gave the order. Ruth had discovered that Meyer was the wolf, and she died from that discovery. It’s sort of a sad ending, Jonah finally putting the pieces together and realizing how and why his grandmother was killed.

The very last scene takes us even further away from a happy ending. Jonah and Clara are toasting to new beginnings on their honeymoon, but Jonah gets distracted. He spots an elderly German staring at him suspiciously. I don’t think Jonah will ever feel really safe again. They may have killed the Nazis and imprisoned Hitler forever, but the hunters only made new enemies in the process. The show theorizes that the fight for justice is a bittersweet fight that really has no winners in the end.

What did you think of Jäger Season 2 Episode 8 and the end of Prime Video? Comment below.

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