I’m a flight attendant – these are the worst requests we get from passengers

PEOPLE assume that flight attendants have more power and apparently hidden talents than we actually do — it’s honestly hilarious.

The amount of ridiculous requests we regularly receive from passengers that are anything but possible is startling, and if it weren’t as funny as it is, we’d beg you to stop.

We are often asked if we can prepare new meals in flight - the answer is always no


We are often asked if we can prepare new meals in flight – the answer is always no

Every flight attendant ends every trip with at least one stupid request to get in touch, and in this, my latest weekly blog post for Sun Online Travel, I’m going to reveal some of the more ridiculous things I’ve been asked.

First, don’t expect an upgrade just because you’re big. The world doesn’t work that way, and certainly not in our airplanes.

If we can make it more convenient for you, we’ll try, but we won’t put you in first grade just because you’re the size of a basketball player. If you want a seat in first class, you have to pay for it.

You know how long your legs are and how much space you have in Economy, so either pay extra to select a seat with legroom or prepare to have your knees crushed – the choice is yours.

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Don’t just assume that we’ll treat you kindly because you’re uncomfortable.

You’re not the only tall person on the plane, and you’re not the only person not enjoying the flight. We understand the seats aren’t the best, and yes it’s a pain when the person in front reclines.

But that doesn’t mean you should get a free upgrade before everyone else.

We will also not be moving other people so you can have a row of seats to yourself, something I’ve been asked before, unfortunately on more than one occasion.

These passengers spotted a few empty seats in other rows on the plane and asked if I could put the people they were sitting next to in the empty chairs so they would have three seats to themselves.

I have no idea who these people expect such royal treatment from, but you would have to search far and wide to find a flight attendant willing to give it to you. It doesn’t happen.

It’s one thing to be expected to treat them so favorably, but some passengers ask us to do dangerous or impossible things, like lighting birthday candles on a cake.

Sometimes people don’t even bring the cake, expecting us to have one on board just in case, like we’re a party shop and not a metal tube thousands of feet up.

Then they will ask us to light some small fires in the cabin so they can sing happy birthday to their loved ones.

We’re not above singing a song with you and we’ve been known to make a fuss when passengers celebrate their birthdays with us, but think about what you’re asking us.

You’re not in a TGI on Friday, you’re on a plane, and an onboard fire is a major safety hazard. We are here to protect you, not to put you at risk.

Speaking of which, birthday cakes aren’t the only food we definitely don’t have on board.

In fact we don’t have much on board and if you are a picky eater it’s up to you to order your meal in advance or bring something else with you.

We are not trained chefs and even if we were we would not be able to cook you a new meal, contrary to several frequent requests from passengers who clearly just haven’t thought about what they are asking.

In fact, I would say, “Can you make me something else?” is one of the questions I face most often, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hide my disdain for those who ask.

There is no kitchen or ingredients on board. Only a finite number of preselected meals.

Therefore the answer is no. Always no. If you’re lucky, we’ll have an extra pack of chips for you, but even then I wouldn’t hold my breath.

These rules are the same whether you’re a regular member of the public or an A-list celebrity that we sometimes put on our planes.

We will treat them like any other passenger, which means we will not ask for an autograph or a selfie on your behalf like I was asked a few months ago.

This is anything but an isolated incident – I know many flight attendants who have been asked to do this, which would be so unprofessional on our part.

You’re welcome to try asking her yourself, but I’m afraid we can’t be your showbiz go-betweens.

And if they don’t want to talk to you, please respect their privacy and leave them alone.

While we’re at it, could you respect our privacy, too?

We’ll be nice and polite to you while you’re on board our flights, but we won’t give you our phone numbers or hotel room numbers, so stop asking us because it’s very scary.

At least once every flight, one of us is asked for this and I have yet to see it work.

The kind of person who harasses other people after their number at work is really unlikely to be the person of our dreams, so it’s best not to take that chance.

I hope you all took notes as I’m not sure I can keep a straight face again when asked to cook a new meal for another unprepared passenger who forgot to place their order can.

Be prepared and think about what you are asking us. It really helps all of us to have a much better flight.

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In the meantime, these are the actual perks you might be entitled to on planes.

And these are the secret code words we use to talk about passengers.

This week, I explain the stupid in-flight requests we get — and why you shouldn't ask them


This week, I explain the stupid in-flight requests we get — and why you shouldn’t ask themPhoto credit: Getty

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