In the Battle of the Genre Shows, Does ‘House of the Dragon’ or ‘Rings of Power’ Take the Crown?

HBO and Amazon debuted expensive and high-profile new fantasy shows within days. Her performances offer lessons for the rest of Hollywood.

When HBO and Amazon decided to release massive — let alone expensive — new fantasy shows back-to-back within days, they braced themselves for a battle that would be as big as any epic that would unfold on TV screens: would house of the dragon take the audience crown, or would The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power be the genre show that rules them all?

People involved with both shows have fumed at the comparisons. “We’re not even on the same night” game of Thrones author and dragon co-creator George RR Martin said The Hollywood Reporter in July, and yet Hollywood can’t resist as it seeks lessons to apply to the more thrifty next phase of the streaming wars. “Having something that’s a cultural phenomenon is critical to any service,” said LightShed’s media and technology analyst Richard Grunfeld told vanity fair.

In truth, stacking the two shows against each other is no easy feat; It’s a bit of an apples-to-pixie ordeal ordeal based on the platforms they’re on and the data available – or not. Although both shows are rooted in fantasy novels that have legions of devoted readers, the similarities largely end there. house of dragon is a prequel to the hugely popular and long-running game of Thrones series and is available on both cable (HBO) and streaming (HBO Max). rings of power, Meanwhile is an original story that draws inspiration from, but is not directly related to, the Peter JacksonDirected trilogy of films streaming on a video platform (Amazon Prime Video) operated by one of the largest technology companies in the world. Still with rings having just wrapped its first eight-episode season and with dragon Getting ready to say goodbye to the ninth and final episode of season one on Sunday night now seems like she’s never taken stock of her performance.

The stakes

First, an examination of what success looks like for the companies behind both projects. Amazon was best known for quiet shows like The Police Proceedings Bosch and family drama Transparent and needed platform-defining, global success when it reportedly spent $250 million to acquire the rights to JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world in 2017. game of Thrones was still at the end of its eight-season run, and Amazon executives, like many others in Hollywood, were hoping they could unleash the next water-cooled genre show. A Lord of the rings TV series had the potential to ignite a passionate fan base and become a calling card for the company, not to mention wow existing Prime members. With a five-season plan already in place, Amazon is taking the series, which is expected to cost more than $1 billion, into long-term consideration. Rings of Power premiered in early September, when Amazon also inked its exclusive deal to stream the NFL’s Thursday night football lineup. “Between Thursday Night Football and Lord of the rings, Amazon is dramatically expanding Amazon Prime,” says Greenfield. “This is an important step in the right direction.”

HBO has been looking for the right show to get a foothold in Westeros for a long time game of Thrones closed. After some fans were disappointed with the series’ finale, it became even more important for executives to find the right project to turn their attention to thrones into a franchise. In the search for the next show, HBO’s parent company went through two major changes, first a sale to AT&T and later a merger with Discovery, which resulted in executive turnover and a shift in company priorities. When it finally hit the market at the end of August – more than three years later thrones new episodes aired—house of the dragon needed to revive a fanbase and Attract new audiences for Swords and Dragons Tales, ideally audiences that would be enticed to subscribe to HBO Max and other programming such as B. to stay close successor or barry

The reviews

Turns out, producing hits isn’t a zero-sum game. says HBO house of the dragon drew nearly 10 million viewers in the United States when it premiered on August 21, making it the most-watched new show in the network’s history. Less than two weeks later, more than 25 million viewers worldwide tuned in to watch rings of power, the same award for Amazon, per company. These self-revealed data points suggest that both shows were early successes for their respective companies, but it’s almost impossible to compare them to determine which show had the better debut. In the Battle of the Genre Shows, Does ‘House of the Dragon’ or ‘Rings of Power’ Take the Crown?

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