Industry season 2, episode 1 recap – “Daddy”


“Daddy” finds the trading floor an even more hostile place than usual in the wake of the pandemic, as old habits reemerge and some new ones complicate the already tense dynamic.

This recap of Industry Season 2 Episode 1 “Daddy” contains spoilers.

When it debuted in 2020, Industry was a little surprising. It came out of the gates as another darkly funny workplace drama about a murderous business that only appeals to and evokes the pathetic sociopath successorbut then it gradually emerged as a drug-obsessed, sex-obsessed extravaganza of debauchery reminiscent of euphoria. Everyone in it is terrible, and much of the plot revolves around these uniquely terrible people trying to navigate a career without succumbing to full-blown personal trauma and complete moral decay. It’s like watching androids trying to pass for human survivors in a post-apocalyptic future.

Industry Season 2 Episode 1 Summary

That’s an apt comparison since Season 2 of Industry gets very specific about how the pandemic has devastated the retail industry and the economies that keep it afloat. The premiere “Daddy” is framed mostly from Harper’s perspective, since she’s been working the whole time in her disorganized room at a chain hotel, mostly lounging around in her robe, going swimming and complaining about the burgers. When the company’s New York office sends an emissary to stir things up on the trading floor, Eric insists that Harper return to the office and fulfill her full and ruthless potential, though she returns and finds the place almost unrecognizable – and her colleagues are. I’m not happy to see her.

Through Harper and her hotel, we meet a new character, Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass), a fellow American who also moved to the UK after committing murder as a hedge fund guy during Covid. Jesse seems like a pretty nice guy, but Harper obviously sees him as a brand, and he has a mystical aura that will obviously form at least part of the backbone of this season.

However, Harper might need the connection as things aren’t looking good at Pierpoint. Eric is stressed out by the arrival of New York representative Daniel Van Deventer, he’s frustrated that Harper has lost her edge working remotely, and Robert, now sitting at Eric’s desk, isn’t making outgoing calls. The last is part of a series of details about a now sober Robert who has lost his confidence and self esteem; He can pull the train into the station but can’t get passengers off, sexually speaking, and he doesn’t seem to have much of an identity aside from the coked-up town boy we’ve been seeing throughout season one.

Others, meanwhile, have risen to positions of new power and confidence. Rishi, now engaged to an upper-middle-class woman with a podcast, is almost unrecognizable as he berates Harper for being away from the office for so long, and Yasmin has positioned herself as the de facto queen of her desk and herself relying on her family contacts and the absence of Kenny. She has even taken to bullying new employee Venetia, mostly to make herself feel better.

But Yasmin’s fortunes take a turn when she loses her biggest client in Maxim Alonso, with whom she sleeps after the professional relationship has ended, and at whose party she meets Celeste Pacquet, a Pierpoint executive who works with particularly high-profile individuals Net worth and who Yas initially and amusingly believes to be a sex worker. She could be something of a lifeline for Yas, as the loss of Maxim, her volatile relationship with Harper, and the return of Kenny, who is in recovery, all make the trading floor less than ideal for her.

So you get the idea – everyone struggles in different ways, although most of them are related to personal excess last season and ambition this season. Since this isn’t exactly a happy-go-lucky show, chances are things will get worse before they get better, and there’s a virtual guarantee that plenty of people will get hurt along the way. That’s what we’re here for, I suppose, but no one can imagine what that says about us.

You can stream Industry Season 2 Episode 1 “Daddy” exclusively on HBO.

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