Insane Moment Lib Gets Violently ‘Triggered’ by Kamala Meme at TPUSA Event

Leftists like to claim they stand for tolerance.

Like most leftist claims, the opposite is true.

Leftists cannot tolerate not everyone conforming to their politically charged opinions and preferences—and to Leftists, everything is political.

A sentence has been circulating on the Internet for years that describes the typical left-wing activist attitude: “Your freedom of expression is violence, my violence is freedom of expression.”

The adage acknowledges leftist tactics such as bullying and word redefinition.


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It also suggests that in a battle of wits the Left is unarmed and must resort to physical blows.

One such event took place Tuesday at the University of Iowa during a presentation by Turning Point USA’s chief creative officer, Benny Johnson.

In the middle of a presentation, while Johnson was showing video of a meme featuring Kamala Harris, a man attacked the projector that was showing it.

Johnson shared a video of the incident on his Twitter account, where he updated his username to “Benny Johnson/Meme-Attack Survivor.”

“BREAKING: I gave a speech about MEMES at the University of Iowa tonight with @TPUSA. A Kamala Harris meme triggered the violent LIBS so badly that they ATTACKed the *projector* and DIRT IT to bits. I told you, the left can’t meme.

The Post Millennial reported: “Johnson was speaking on the subject of memes when his presentation was interrupted by a young man wearing a green bandana. Footage shows the man responding to a Kamala Harris meme by shouting “Racist *ss b*tch! F*ck you!” after a drop-kicking of the projector.

” Footage taken outside the event shows the person being arrested and taken away by police.”

Do you think Johnson is right about leftists having “darkness in their souls”?

According to The Daily Iowan, the university’s student newspaper, the man was identified as Student Travell Wright. He was charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting a lawful assembly and criminal mischief.

However, he did not interrupt the presentation. According to TPUSA, the projector was quickly repaired and Johnson was able to move on.

The meme that led to the attack contained a manipulated Kamala Harris Tik Tok video. It took an old 2019 video of an excited Harris seeing her campaign tour bus for the first time and added a mariachi dancer as if she were so happy to see it.

The meme refers to an event on September 15th. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent two buses to drop off illegal immigrants near the Naval Observatory, the Vice President’s residence in Washington. This came after Harris declared that the border was safe.

Far from being happy about the illegal immigrants, Harris seems to prefer to pretend they don’t exist. The so-called “Grenzzar” has largely avoided his duties and the border itself.

Johnson often uses humor to comment on serious political situations.

Johnson appeared on “War Room,” a podcast hosted by former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon, to speak about what he called “the first meme hate crime arrest in American history.”

“This is a spiritual battle,” Johnson said. “And it’s a spiritual battle between darkness and light. And these people are so dark in their souls that they have no sense of humor. You have lost the ability to laugh. You have lost the ability to… have any zest for life. They have darkness in their souls.

“So when they’re presented with the fact that we’re ridiculing them, and mockery is, I think, possibly the most powerful political tool there is, when they’re presented with this mockery of their heroes, they don’t know how to handle it. They just snap.”

In his Twitter synopsis of the violent episode, Johnson used another widely circulated internet phrase: “The Left can’t meme.”

Johnson suggests leftists are incapable of communicating with the sudden sharp insights, humor and symbolism that the best memes contain.


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As short and trivial as they may seem, memes are an important weapon in the information war we find ourselves in. Memes are entertaining, easy-to-share, quickly assimilated little truth bombs that shatter the progressive top-down narrative imposed on society.

No wonder leftists cannot tolerate them. Insane Moment Lib Gets Violently ‘Triggered’ by Kamala Meme at TPUSA Event

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