Intel Roadmap Leaks: Raptor Lake Refresh, HEDT Replacement in 2023

Intel plans to make an important disclosure about its client computing platform roadmap next week, but some parts of the presentation have already been leaked by HXL (@9550pro (now opens through new tab)). At the forefront of Intel’s desktop and workstation platform performance broadband roadmap, covering 4023 desktops, along with the Sapphire Rapids 64L/112L CPUs set to target high-end desktops and workstations in the next quarter, there is further interest.

Raptor Lakes Refresh: Coming in 2023.

One of the main surprises highlighted in the leak is that Intel plans to keep its Raptor Lake processor for desktops for a year. The Raptor Lake-S Refresh GPU will continue to power advanced and advanced workstations and desktops for avid users, mainstream users, and commercial desktops.

The leaked roadmap does not show any specifications and changes of Raptor Lake Refresh processors from existing products, but rather updates increased clock speeds in general and sometimes even includes new features such as improved power supply or improved Turbo Boost algorithms. According to excerpts from the document, Intel’s 34-core Raptor Lake-S (RPLS-34C) is not available for workstations.

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The reason for the company’s plans for desktops in 2023 is the lack of its codenamed Meteor Lake processor, which is based on a multi-tile design. Perhaps this part is reserved for mobile platforms only, or will arrive on desktops sometime in 2024.

Intel’s Raptor Lake-S refresh relies on the Z790, W680, Q670 and various chipsets from the 700 series. In addition to these new parts, no information is released that the new models will be compatible with existing motherboards (including those powered by 60-series chipsets).

Sapphire Rapids-64L and Sapphire Rapids-112L: Xeon W-2400 and Xeon W-3400 – identical to Xeon W-2400.

It’s now been three years since Intel’s workstation hasn’t updated their high-end desktops and workstations, but their CPUs released in Q4 2019 Q1 2020 (and based on the 2015 Skylake microarchitecture) are looking pretty pale out. For those who want high-end computing like Intel, the new desktop platform roadmap brings good news and bad news.

It’s good to hear that the company plans to launch its Xeon W-2400 and Xeon W-3400 for desktop workstations in Q1 2023. The bad news is that Intel is ditching its HEDT lineup and will be branding that market in a Xeon way.

As mentioned before, both the Xeon W-2400 and Xeon W-3400 come in an LGA4677 package and will use motherboards based on the Intel W790 chipset.

The Xeon W-2400 supports up to 24 high-performance cores, 64 PCIe 5.0 lanes, a quad-channel DDR5 memory network supported with ECC, a dual-channel processor, a single-core CPU with a power of 225 W. The processors with Intel’s Xeon W-3400 are equipped with up to 56 cores, 112 PCIe 5.0 lanes, an octa-channel DDR5 memory subsystem with 4 TB ECC memory and a PBP of 350 W.

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The base clocks of all Saphir Rapids-WS are quite low (depending on the performance level from 1.90 to 3.20 GHz base clock), but most turbo frequencies mostly exceed 4 GHz. Actual clocks depend on power and cooling systems, so we’ll see how fast these CPUs can be made in real life. Many of the Xeon W-2400/W-3400 models come with an unlocked multiplier and overclock, so those who want to push these processors to the limit can have such a chance. Still, it doesn’t look like the memory can be overclocked (no one needs a quad or eight-channel processor).

Since we discussed the Xeons, these W-2400/W-3400 processors support all workstation-class reliability, availability, and serviceability features, as well as features like Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) 8.0 and Intel Volume Management Device 3.04.

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Intel’s new workstation platform will have robust I/O capabilities thanks to the W790 chipset. The new core logic of the W790 offers up to 16 PCIe 4.0 lanes, 12 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 8 ports with 2 USB 3.3 Gen2 connections and 10 USB 3.2 Gen2 connections. This chip will include Wi-Fi 6E capabilities and dual 2.5GbE PHY controllers. On the other hand, in terms of computer computing, W790 will be compatible with HD Audio, MIPI SoundWare and other client PC tools.

It’s a shame that the W790 chipset doesn’t support PCIe 5.0, Thunderbolt 3/4 or USB 4/4.1. Since the chipset already runs many bandwidth-hungry interfaces, this might be a logical step to ensure maximum performance.

Sapphire Rapids-SP: Xeon (C741) can scale to C741.

For those who need much better performance, Intel will offer its Eagle Stream platform to support up to two 4th Generation Server Class Xeon Scalable Gold, Silver Silver or Bronze (Sapphire Rapids-SP). The platform is equipped with dual GPUs and offers up to eleven2 high-performance hyper-threaded cores, 160 PCIe Gen5 lanes and 8 TB of 16-channel DDR5 per box. In addition, this platform is guaranteed to provide all RAS functions and remotely manageable functions in the Sapphire Rapids based on technology. But it probably won’t be the only thing that will give overclocking.

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While Eagle Stream workstations offer unbeatable number-crunching capabilities, they must rely on a processor-class C741 chipset (opens in new tabs) that does not support modern I/O features. If you are using workstations like Dell or Lenovo, you can upgrade the standard version of the Sapphire Rapids-SP as well as the touch controller. So this is not always the case when you receive complete boxes.

More details on its customer-friendly platform.

If the computing portion of Intel’s plans for 2023 is more or less clear, there are several things the company will address at its next investor event. In addition to the Meteor, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake CPUs coming to market over the next few years, Intel is likely to announce its plans for discrete graphics, next-gen Thunderbolt based on USB 4.1, Wi-Fi 7, and many more discussing other things that will make platforms more attractive than competitors. You have to stay focused. Intel Roadmap Leaks: Raptor Lake Refresh, HEDT Replacement in 2023

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