Internal Critics Expose Behavior of Biden’s Top Border Chief

The immigration crisis that continues to unfold on the US southern border has significantly worsened under President Joe Biden. Not only does the Biden administration seem completely uninterested in fixing the bugs at the border, but some of the staff tasked with handling the situation don’t seem all that interested either.

According to Politico, US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus is under fire for his sub-par job performance. The complaints, the outlet says, come from Magnus’ top people, with some claiming Magnus falls asleep during high-level meetings.

At least five people who work directly with the CBP boss have reportedly said Magnus appears to be “let go.” He is also reportedly prone to skipping White House meetings related to the border crisis and has allegedly spoken badly of other government agencies, both to his colleagues and to his superiors.

This was announced by Politico’s Daniel Lippman on Monday.


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Staffers have complained that Magnus spends too much time focusing on grievances being filed against other government agencies and not enough time to focus on his role at CBP.

“He’s not in the game,” an unnamed official reportedly told Politico. “Every time there’s a meeting and he’s in, we come to a conclusion and Magnus has a side issue that he wants to address and we’re all like, ‘What the hell is this about?’ ”

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While Magnus has experience as a police chief in Arizona and California, his critics say he’s simply not up to the task and lacks the knowledge and experience required of someone in his position, especially when the issue of illegal immigration remains politically hot topic .

“Operatively, he’s not even on the agenda,” an administration official added to Politico. “He knows the limit, but the specifics and the size and capabilities of the CBP are pretty much beyond his jurisdiction and his understanding of how to deal with other parts of the administration.”

Ever since reports of his questionable job performance hit the news, the CBP chief has staunchly defended his job, saying he’s spent the past 10 months learning the “complex” role at the helm of the agency.

“I’ve always been someone who aggressively challenges the status quo, looks for ways to do things better, and engages directly with the public and the workforce,” said Magnus. “In every organization, some people are threatened by it. They don’t like it when someone questions “why” certain things have to be done the way they’ve always been done. I’m not here to face the predictable challenges these people face.”


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As for his bad habit of dozing off at important meetings, Magnus didn’t deny the reports, but said his critics must have overlooked his medical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, which causes him to nod off at will. He was diagnosed with the debilitating disease 15 years ago, but insisted his medication be constantly adjusted to offset the side effects of MS.

The medical situation raises many of the same concerns that critics of the Democratic Senate nominee and Lt. gov. John Fetterman regarding his post-stroke health. Should someone be able to serve in a high leadership role like Fetterman or Magnus? It must be argued that leaders should be able to lead without being distracted by a serious illness that could theoretically affect decision-making on critically important issues.

However, Magnus argued that aside from his illness, he is usually criticized for being too involved in various meetings.

“Ironically, the most common complaint I’ve received from colleagues is my tendency to ask too many questions in meetings and my desire to know what some feel is more than necessary on various topics,” he said. Magnus said he intends to “remain fully committed to the work of leading CBP and advocate for those who work here, as well as the American public.”

Magnus clearly needs to be replaced by a competent successor. The main problem is that, unlike his predecessor, President Biden seems exceptionally reluctant to fire his underperforming officials at least ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, presumably because such a firing would be an admission that things are not going well.

In contrast, former President Donald Trump would fire as many people as it took to find the perfect person for a particular role, and that’s the way it should be.

Ryan Ledendecker is a freelance journalist and author. During the 2014 Ferguson riots, he began covering news and writing op-eds. Before that, he worked as a web editor and columnist for an award-winning local newspaper.

Ryan Ledendecker is a freelance writer covering politics and breaking news. He previously worked as a columnist and web editor for an award-winning local newspaper. When he’s not writing, he’s honing his competitive BBQ skills. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Truth Social.

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