Inventing Ivana Trump: Her Improbable Rise and Tragic Death

They disembark and the midday crowd rise to watch from the deck. “He straps on his skis and you can tell she’s looking at him like, ‘For real? They will try to drive away from it me?’ He tries, but she’s quickly on his heels. Back at Little Nell, Ivana throws her husband’s clothes and Rolex watch out of their suite windows into the snow.

Next comes the unthinkable, at least for Trump. Everyone seems to be on his side She.

When the new tabloids are born with the Trump divorce, they grow through the all-access rise of the new Ivana. “She’s just like Donald in that way,” someone says to writer Bob Colacello for his 1992 vf Story. “They live for the public. It’s like a drug to her. A woman who divorces – a woman – does not get a divorce photographed to get divorced… Ivana did the cover of Fashion!”

Haunted by paparazzi and Trump’s “killer lawyers” amid their bloody divorce, she rushes breathlessly into the studio of photographer Patrick Demarchelier, who is waiting alongside famed hairstylist Maury Hopson, makeup artist Vincent Longo and creative director André Leon Talley – all gathered around Ivana to style and photograph for the May 1990 cover Fashion.

In the arms of Count Roffredo Gaetani, 1998. By John Barrett/Globe Photos.

Hopson knows Ivana’s hair. Everyone does. It’s been gracing the front pages of every tabloid for weeks: blonde and scruffy in the “crocheted flip” favored by East Side ladies of the time. As Ivana sits in front of the mirror, Hopson grabs a handful of her shiny blonde hair and holds it up, letting some of her blonde strands fall around her face. “We all looked in the mirror and agreed That’s it.” At this moment Ivana Trump’s famous new hairstyle is born. It will soon be imitated around the world.

“You don’t have to write down the middle name,” she orders a writer The New York Times. “Ivana, that’s what people call me… They’re like, ‘Hi, Ivana! ”

The name becomes emblematic of women around the world who love her because she won. She and her lawyers are going to war over the $25 million agreed in Cohn’s prenup and are fighting Trump’s fire with fire. In an affidavit, she states that Trump raped her in 1989 out of anger over a scalp reduction surgery Lost tycoon by Harry Hurt III, the publisher will include a statement from Ivana at the beginning stating that it was not rape in the “literal or criminal sense.”)

As she walks away with her millions and sole custody of her three children, the crowd cheers. Best of all, her rise coincides with Trump’s financial decline in the early ’90s and the breakdown of his marriage to Maples after six years. Ivana forms two businesses: Ivana Inc. sells “my books, advice columns, commercials, performances, and speaking engagements,” and House of Ivana handles her fragrances, clothing, and jewelry.

The TV studio lights slapped down on her now-famous hairdo as she slaughtered the king’s English and sold a royal ransom in tattered clothing and costume jewelery to Home Shopping Network viewers in the US, UK and Canada. “Ahb-so-LUTE-ly fahn-TAS-tic!” She seems to be saying of every single item, from the $49.95 hoop earrings to the $280 Ivana women’s tuxedo, which is breaking HSN records.

“If you’ve walked her down the street with her, I guarantee women of all sizes will stop and say, ‘Look how good I look! I’m wearing your jacket!’ says her friend Vivian Serota.

Now a mogul herself, Ivana spends money as fast as she makes it. In 1992, she bought her seven-story townhouse on East 64th Street. Also in Palm Beach is a 12,000-square-foot hacienda she calls Concha Marina (Spanish for conch) and a 100-foot, four-cabin yacht. who baptizes her MY Ivana (Probably with a bottle of Cristal, the sparkling wine she’s promoting as a US spokesperson).

On a summer’s day in the late 1990s, Ivana is sunbathing on the bow of the MY Ivana off St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat when a helicopter crashed into the bay. “Let’s save everyone who’s in there!” Ivana’s captain, Alberto Batani, remembers telling him. They jump into the tender and race to the crime scene, where they pull two rocking pilots into their small lifeboat. Coming to their senses, the men look at their swimsuit-clad rescuer and yell, “Ivana Trump!”

In October 1990, Ivana’s beloved father, Milos, dies of a heart attack. The Donald flies with her to Czechoslovakia for the funeral and, according to Vivian Serota, tries to win her back. “At the tomb of Milos he said to her: ‘I still love you. I don’t want a divorce. Let’s get back together.’ As for Maples, who Ivana simply refers to as “the showgirl,” he says, “We’ll take care of it.”

“And if she wasn’t so broken, they might have stayed married,” says Serota.

Flight in a luxury helicopter from Atlantic City to NYC, 1987.By Joe McNally/Getty Images. Inventing Ivana Trump: Her Improbable Rise and Tragic Death

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