Iranian Activist Blasts Biden for Issuing Visa to a ‘Killer’

A pro-democracy Iranian activist on Thursday criticized the Biden administration for granting Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi a visa to enter the United States after the assassination of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

During an appearance on Fox News, journalist Masih Alinejad blasted the Biden government for allowing Raisi to come to the United Nations to address the United Nations General Assembly.

Amini died in custody after being arrested by the country’s morality police, who claimed she had failed to follow rules laid down by the country’s theocratic government.

Protests over the death have spread to 13 cities, prompting the Iranian government to begin cracking down on the demonstrations.

“Mahsa [Amini] was an innocent person,” said Alinejad. “She didn’t even take part in any protests. She wasn’t revealed. she wear [an] “inappropriate” hijab. That’s why the police brutally killed her.


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“Mahsa’s mother, father and family members have said that their daughter was beaten by the police,” she told Fox News host Martha MacCallum while discussing the controversial visa grant for Raisi.

“Right now they are shooting people. They kill people.

“History will judge Biden, who gave our killer, our killer, a visa. This is the time that [the] The US government needs to see and meet the opposition leaders, it needs to meet the Iranian people. You must recognize the Iranian people,” Alinejad continued.

“You shouldn’t give [a] Visa and legitimize this regime. Right now, as I speak to you, the Revolutionary Guard is on the sanctions list, on the terrorist list. But the US government gave a visa to a member of the Revolutionary Guard. Can you belive that?”

The FBI foiled an alleged Iranian plot to kidnap Alinejad in 2021. The Justice Department also foiled an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton earlier this year.

“I can’t believe the US government welcomed a terrorist to educate them about human rights. He had a picture of Qassem Soleimani, a man who was killed by the US government,” Alinejad said, referring to the Iranian general who was killed in a drone strike in January 2020.

“I don’t care about my life. Yes, I was the target of an assassination plot. I would rather die but not see western countries legitimizing our killer right now,” Alinejad concluded.

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