Less Scary Horrors To Watch This Halloween

Halloween often gets us immersed in the spooky atmosphere, whether we’re watching horror movies, dressing up as our favorite ghost character, or decorating our house with endless pumpkins and spooky decorations. However, we also understand that being afraid of fear is not appealing to everyone, especially those with young children who may not be able to watch a terrifying horror film. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best horror movies that won’t make you cower behind the sofa this Halloween.

We recommend less scary horror films

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This movie is a classic Halloween movie and one that would be better suited to children. The film’s comedy element is arguably what earned the film its PG rating, as all of the spooky scenes are undercut with humorous elements. The film follows a teenager who inadvertently revives a coven of witches who set out to wreak havoc on the town they live in in order to remain immortal.

There are a few slightly frightening scenes that younger children might find scary, but for older children and people who don’t like horror it’s great to see an entertaining and non-sleep disturbing Halloween thrill.

Punch (1995)

Casper is a very kid-friendly film with minimal horror and some healthy and comedic interactions and moments. It follows the story of a girl and her father who encounter a friendly ghost while moving into a haunted house, and offers a touch of romance for good measure. This movie will surely get you in the spirit of Halloween without scaring you or your kids.

ET (1982)

If you like aliens and extraterrestrial beings, you should definitely watch this movie! One of the more kid-friendly options, it tells the story of an alien stranded on Earth who befriends three young siblings. This movie is quite intense in some scenes so it might not be suitable for very young kids but older kids and adults will definitely enjoy this classic movie.

Coral (2009)

This film increases the spooky feeling from the start and leaves viewers feeling jittery from the start. Coraline, a young girl living with her parents, finds a secret door in her home that leads to a version of her world that is too good to be true. A series of events lead up to some intense and spooky scenes that will definitely scare you a bit, but also intrigue you.

Out (2017)

This is definitely more for adults or teenagers as it contains blood and violence and some swear words. However, the nature of this movie sets it apart from most horror movies that are full of spooky scenes, jumpscares and some paranormal or supernatural elements. More sinister and strange, Get Out taps into our innate fears of the unknown.

This movie also contains some triggering scenes so make sure you understand and agree with the content of this movie and the topics covered in it before you or family members start watching it. Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, a photographer visiting his girlfriend’s family. The first half of the film seems normal, but the longer Chris stays in the house, the more strange occurrences begin to happen and startling discoveries are made.

Old (2021)

This is definitely the weirdest movie on this list, and maybe the scariest. A group of vacationing strangers are taken to what appears to be an idyllic beach at first, but as the film progresses all the characters age. Within a short period of time, all beachgoers begin to age rapidly with no explanation or clue as to what is going on.

There are some intense and slightly gory/violent scenes, but the content is mostly spooky and while it may make you paranoid about deserted beaches, it won’t disturb your sleep or make you close your eyes in horror.

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