Lou (2022) ending explained – will Lou save Vee in time?

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This article covers the ending of the Netflix movie Lou (2022) and will contain spoilers and major plot points.

I’m not sure if Hannah and Vee knew the person they moved in with next door in the Pacific Northwest, a portly woman named Lou. She is 1.80 m tall with long gray hair and an arthritic left hand. A loner who ignores hunting laws, lives off the land and almost hides from the rest of the world. She is also unhappy and has decided to kill herself. Lou emptied their bank accounts and left someone a note saying there’s enough meat in the freezer for a month and the rest of the money is for the recipient.

However, Vee is kidnapped by her father. Who? A man named Philip, whom Hannah shared with the community, died three months earlier. So Philip sneaks into her tiny house on the night of the violent storm and kidnaps Vee when the power goes out. She runs over to use Lou’s phone but the power is out there too and no cell phone reception. Lou, an extraordinary hunter and tracker, sets out to find Philip and Vee in the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest.

It turns out this golden girl has a secret and some serious skills. Lou is Philip’s mother and manipulates Hannah into moving in next to her by getting an employee of hers to tell Hannah about a cheap property for her to rent. This allowed Lou to take care of her and see her granddaughter. But what is Philip’s problem? I mean, besides the normal mom issues and teenage angst he can’t seem to let go of? Unfortunately, Lou used her son as cover for her job and even as bait for an operation. An operation that resulted in Philip being kidnapped and marked for life.

Well, he was also a trained government interrogator. He tortures the enemy to get valuable information. Coincidentally, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lou was a former CIA agent who had been on the run for decades. Why? Because she has microfilms and documents that prove the CIA’s involvement in the coup in Iran.

Eventually, Hannah and Lou catch up with them both at the old lighthouse. Well, Hannah first, after Lou was almost killed by her son the night before trying to end things without Hannah. She puts two bullets in her ex-husband and runs down the stairs to find Vee. There she meets Lou and they find a bomb on the bottom of the structure. Philip’s plan was to kill everyone and especially Lou.

Before Philip can set it off, Lou disables it. But when all three head to the beach for safety, Lou turns out to be pulling a MacGyver by flipping the trigger and triggering it herself so the government can see where all the fun is. Vee and Hannah run to safety while Lou and Philip fight on the beach with waves crashing all around them. Eventually all the anger turns to tears and they hug. Just before that, a government helicopter swoops overhead and sticks dozens of hot leads inside their bodies. You’ll notice Lou holding her son with his back to the helicopter, almost like a shield.

The last thing we see is them drifting to the bottom of the sea, presumably caught in a current. Their bodies are never recovered.

Netflix movie Lou (2022) end explained

The final scenes show Hannah and Vee moving on with their lives. The government asks Hannah if she knows anything about the information Lou stole, but maybe they’re fishing to see if Lou is still alive. The final shot shows Hannah and Vee playing on what appears to be a ferry. They have Jax, Lou’s trusty dog. Jax is now alert and looks at a woman in the distance as if they know her. The camera changes direction and is behind the woman who watches the three of them from a distance. We don’t see her face, but her left hand is holding the binoculars. It’s the same frozen claw-like position Lou got from arthritis and work-related accidents.

We can assume it’s Lou, and she survived.

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