Louisiana Family Goes Viral for Cajun Culvert Cleaning Hack

A viral video from Judice, LA is making the rounds on social media for his “Cajun ingenuity.”

Cypress Melville has always heard her father talk about cleaning the sewers on her family farm, but she’s never really seen the work being done along her private road.

She currently resides on the same property where she was born and raised. Her father grew up on this property, and so did his father. That means the Clark family has been cleaning these canals for generations.

According to Cypress, when it comes to her father, Mr. Randal Clark, “the wheels are always turning” — while there’s no telling how he originally learned how to clean out those culverts, he’s definitely devised an effective method that takes care of that for big views on social media.

Mr. Randal usually cleans the culverts annually, so this time Cypress let the camera roll.

Cypress tells me that she first posted the video on Snapchat, which is where she first realized she was getting reactions to the video from friends who never messaged or replied to her stories. From there, she decided to post it on Facebook — and the video blew up.

I was amazed at how many people liked or were intrigued by the video. I first posted it on my SnapChat and friends who never “chat” have messaged me about it: “that was so satisfying” “just randal – lol” “that was awesome” etc. So I decided to put it on Posting to Facebook but never thought it would go viral. Within an hour it had over 1,000 shares and people were blowing up my private messages.

People were so fascinated by Randal’s culvert cleaning that they bombarded Cypress with questions ranging from “how did he get the chain through the culvert in the first place” to “if they cleaned the mud out of the ditch”.

Cypress also told me that this is just one of many interesting things her father does that qualify as “Randal Riggin”.

I think there are many things my dad does that we consider “normal” but others would be blown away – LOL! In our house we call the things he does “Randal Riggin” because it doesn’t matter what problem/situation arises if you give Randal enough time – he will have some kind of solution.

By the way, Cypress plans to answer those questions I mentioned earlier with a couple of new videos that we might see on their social media sooner or later.

My biggest question on Snap, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok was “how did he get the chain through”. So my plan is to make another video showing the tools he used. And people also want to see the cleared culvert, so maybe I’ll include that as well.

I’ve searched “culvert clearing” on YouTube and from what I’ve been able to gather this method seems to be exclusive to Louisiana or the South in general as most of the videos seemed to involve a long tool and the one video where a tire was used, this included someone with the surname “LeBlanc”.

In a region where drainage and flooding are so important, this is a very useful hack to have on hand to ensure your ditches and culverts remain clean and ready to work at peak efficiency.

Cajun ingenuity, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing like that. Louisiana Family Goes Viral for Cajun Culvert Cleaning Hack

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