Louisiana Themed Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

do you have an elf for christmas

Is it a bigger pain than you wish?

I’ve spoken to several moms over the past few years who have expressed dislike for their family elf. It’s not because they don’t like the idea, but because it’s just one more thing they need to remember before they go to sleep each night. Personally, I love our elf, but I’ve been known to wake up at midnight to frantically move him so I can fully understand the frustration that can come with this family tradition.

To relieve some stress, I’ve rounded up some easy and fun activities for your elf to do.

If you’re looking for local ideas that represent Louisiana, here are a few to use:

Gone Fishing – make your elf go fishing in a cup of goldfish.

Dress up your XI in the colors of your favorite football team, whether it’s UL, LSU or the Saints, you’re sure to have some of these colors in your home. And if you don’t, you can always teach your kids what it’s like to be a TRUE Saints fan by putting a paper bag over the elf’s head.

Let your elf get ready for Mardi Gras a little earlier this year. You can have the elf bring a king cake to the family, or have him carry some of those plastic Mardi Gras beads you know you have a million of.

Get your elf a crawfish or alligator to ride.

Are there floods again? Do you need Elf rain boots? Or maybe your pixie is a shrimp fisherman in the off-season… dress up your pixie with some boots either way.

Does your elf like to hunt? Dress up your pixie in this season’s latest camo.


If you just need some general ideas for your elf, here are a few:

Create a movie night. Prepare a pack of microwave popcorn, some snacks, and a Christmas movie, then gather the family to enjoy the screening.

When your elf gets caught by some of your kids toys. It’s always fun and an easy thing to do after a long day.

The elf has a toilet accident. I know it’s gross, but kids think poop is hilarious. Get some chocolate chips and create a potty situation somewhere in the house.

Let the Elf climb the stairs, the blinds, the fireplace or on your cupboards in the kitchen. Grab a string and let your elf push off.

Let your elf spend the night outside or somewhere near your front door. Your elf might be “stuck in traffic” and barely made it back before the sun came up.

It’s always been a hit when our elf gets caught flying. One year we had our elf dress up as a spaceman, he went on a little trip with the fan one day, hung on a zip line, put him in a toy airplane and let him fly it. Really anything flying or space related is always a hit.

Toilet paper is a big hit. You can have your elf wrap the Christmas tree or have your elf stuck in a toilet paper roll.

Just let your elf ride on a dinosaur or other toys lying around. A fire engine or a police car are also good options.

Let your elf walk the dogs. The Paw Patrol Pups to be exact.

Let your elf get into a snowball fight with another toy. This could potentially get messy but is sure to put a smile on any child’s face. You can use mini marshmallows and sugar or flour to create the snow.

Have your elf hide in some Legos, either assembled or unassembled Legos.

Star Wars is very popular this year and you can turn your elf into a Jedi with a glowstick, aka lightsaber.

Put your elf in the washing machine with other toys. This is sure to make your kids laugh.

Let your elf have a spa day, because even elves need a day off from time to time. Cut up a cucumber to make an eye mask, and get a small robe and slippers if you want to go all out.

I hope that some of these ideas helped spark some creative ideas for you, or at least made tonight less stressful for you. We all know we do all of this to see your kids’ faces, so try to hold on to those moments when times are rough during the holidays.

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