Luck (2022) ending explained – will Sam help Hazel find her forever family?

This article covers the ending of the Apple TV+ movie Luck (2022) and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut Film critic MN Miller says: “happiness could have been something special, but the unimaginative nature of its filmmakers grabs the film from the start.”

happiness tells the story of a young woman, Sam Greenfield (voiced by Eva Noblezada on Easter Sunday). She is an orphan and will be 18 tomorrow. Sam has had bad luck in her short time on earth. Can you imagine growing up in an orphanage without ever finding a family? A family forever, as she says. She does not want to leave and plans frequent visits. Why? Because she’s become a big sister to the youngest resident, Hazel (Adelynn Spoon). Most importantly, Sam wants to be there for her tomorrow because she has a meeting with a potential family to adopt. However, they stripped her and moved her to a new apartment.

While alone, Sam starts a job but breaks things by walking into them or they fall on top of each other. When Sam tries to make breakfast, the toast she spreads with jam never makes it onto her plate and is always sticky-side down on a dirty surface. She is sad and lonely. Then one evening while trying to find a table at a local cafe, she sits on the curb to eat and encounters a Scottish black cat. How does she know? Well, that’s because Bob (his name and voice of Simon Pegg) is talking to her. He left a lucky coin the day before, which changed Sam’s luck, but she immediately flushed it down the toilet. Realizing the coin is gone, Bob portals back to the Land of Fortune, and Sam follows him without knowing it.

Bob must return the coin when he reports to home base. He dresses Sam in an elf costume and hands in a button as a substitute for the coin, and none the wiser – see you later. The Captain (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) finds the button and the coin is missing. If someone discovers that Sam is not a real elf, she is not allowed to go home. If they don’t replace the coin, Bob could also be sent to Bad Luck. Yes that’s right. Like the upside down in stranger thingsthis country is under Good Luck.

Apple TV+ movie Happiness (2022) end explained

Sam wants the coin for Hazel so she can find a forever family. If they find a coin, even the lucky ones will lose the shiny piece of metal. They risk exposing Sam as a human by seeking the help of Jeff (Flula Borg), an exuberant unicorn who invented a fortune-dispensing machine in the land between, and Babe the Dragon (Jane Fonda) and Happy-Go-Lucky CEO of good luck. When they find a coin, Sam gives it to Bob for helping out so much. Sam is also allowed to see Hazel’s meetings with a potential family, which ends with her missing her family forever.

Then, Sam and Bob accidentally ruin Jeff’s happiness filter system, causing Babe the Dragon’s land to become dull, dark, and menacing. We then find out that Bob is out of luck. He is a British black cat who was given a lucky coin and had been pretending to be lucky the entire time. She blames Sam, but the fake elf/orphan has a plan. To search for Lucky Crystals in the Land of Bad Luck, they find them and learn a little more about themselves when it comes to adapting and giving them back to Babe. She spits fire at the two piles of green and purple crystals. However, she creates good first, then evil, rather than creating two separate stones. Why? She still wants to uphold a self-destructive ideology.

Sam wants to stop Babe because she’s learned that bad luck helps. As? Individuals develop a sense of belonging and resilience (something most orphans know about). She convinces Babe, and now both worlds coexist side by side. Bob has a choice of where to live. He decides to spend his remaining days with Sam on Earth. The film ends with Hazel finding her new parents. She continues a relationship with Sam. Her new parents allow her to stay with Sam and Bob at their house. So you have found your “eternal family”.

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