Man Smashes A Seagull To Death Because It Tried To Steal His Food, Is Now Ordered To Pay $994 – Women After 40

John Llewellyn Jones, 65, was holidaying on the coast when a seagull appeared and knocked over his bag of fries.

Jones, who is definitely old enough to know better, responded to this offense by grabbing the waterfowl’s legs and repeatedly punching the poor creature until it was barely alive.

And it happened before the eyes of not a few little children who burst into tears when they saw the poor animal being mistreated.

Some time later, someone took the poor animal to a vet to put it out of its misery.

Notably, the gull is a Thlesserer’s black-backed gull, making it a protected species in the UK.

A witness heard Jones describe the bird as nothing more than vermin and commented that children should know how to deal with vermin.

While Jones initially dismissed allegations of violating the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, a judge found him guilty.

Jones was sentenced to a 12-week curfew and fine of $994 plus a $134 victim surcharge.

Simon Evans, an investigator with the RSPCA, noted that Jones’ actions were a perfect example of willful animal cruelty.

A seagull’s life is a risky business. Fish stocks have declined due to changes in the seas, forcing fishermen to cover more ground and take in more of the fish gulls love.

All of this human encroachment has also damaged gull breeding sites, allowing troublesome animals like rats and stoats to infiltrate the land and feed on eggs and juveniles.

The Royal Albatross Center at Taiarca Head in New Zealand noted that it had done a lot of work to encourage gull development in their region.

Hoani Langsbury, manager of the organization, noted that gulls play a key role in the Pacific Ocean’s marine ecosystem.

She added that being willing to steal food from humans is a learned, not instinctive, behavior.

The center strives to teach children how to care for seagulls, including never giving them food.

In truth, man is the hiccup in the gull’s life, not the other way around. Man Smashes A Seagull To Death Because It Tried To Steal His Food, Is Now Ordered To Pay $994 – Women After 40

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