Marvel dispense with the mind-bending and end with a scrap

After a decade and a half of swinging overachievement, the Marvel monolith is tipping toward mid-life crisis. The upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is decked with two-star reviews, so not even the transdimensional powers of Benedict Cumberbatch’s goatee might be enough to save the day. And then there is moon knight (Disney+), the studio’s sometimes squirming attempt to explore dissociative personality disorder and mental illness via the tried and tested medium of… masked heroes bashing each other in front of a gallery of global backdrops.

Without wanting to be shallow or cruel, Moon Knight has suffered from an identity crisis himself. It started out as a showcase for Oscar Isaac’s immediately infamous Mary Poppins accent: (though later episodes at least explained how and why he sounded like Frank Spencer). From there – and in just six servings – it has evolved from an Indiana Jones-style adventure set in ancient Egypt to a psychiatric melodrama

Switching back and forth between these wildly opposite genres, they could easily have called it One Flew Over the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham voicing a vengeful bird skeleton is just the fourth weirdest thing about Moon Knight that says it all.

The biggest surprise in the finale, however, is that Moon Knight has a coherent ending. Closing the deal has been a problem for Marvel’s Disney+ adaptations, which tend to implode in a riot of dodgy computer effects. Here, that familiar CGI onslaught is paired with a story that’s clear and true as Ethan Hawke’s cult leader Arthur Harrow unleashes the vengeful Egyptian goddess Ammit – a Godzilla-like, gabbling crocodile – and sets out to bring cruel justice to humanity .

He is opposed by Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god with the falcon head (voiced by Abraham). And from the newly risen Moon Knight himself, the US mercenary Marc Spector – or the cheerful Cockney museum employee Steven Grant. The catch with the series is that Spector and Grant are flip sides of the one personality, with Spector creating Grant as a mechanism to cope with his abusive childhood.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/moon-knight-finale-review-marvel-dispense-mind-bending-end-scrap/ Marvel dispense with the mind-bending and end with a scrap


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