Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10 Summary and Ending Explained


An action-packed and suspenseful finale with some surprisingly touching moments. This is a much-needed return to form for the series, which promises an enticing third season if it is to be renewed.

We are recaping Episode 10 of the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, Little Green Ant, which contains spoilers and explains the ending of the finale.

The second season finale Mayor of Kingstonentitled “Little Green Ant”, pitches mike (Jeremy Renner) against Milo (Aidan Gillen) as the two enemies eventually clash with each other in hopes of reaching a final compromise. Milo wants his bonds so he can start a new life on the run, while Mike works to save Iris (Emma Laird) from a life of crime. It’s an action-packed finale that offers plenty of suspense and some surprising emotional moments.

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 10 synopsis (finale)

The finale begins with Robert in the hospital. In the previous episode, the SWAT leader was attacked by Bunny’s men and left to die. After those horrific beatings, he is now on life support. The police mourn this attack and prepare for a subsequent fight with the Crips. Robert’s friends gather in front of his hospital room. kyle tells Mike that he needs to get out of town, his wife left him and he needs to win her back. Mike checks the time and realizes he has to go too; he is late for his midnight meeting with Iris.

Who wants Mike dead?

Mike rushes to the meeting point but is stopped at the train tracks. Suddenly, Mike’s car is ambushed and shot at. Mike fights back and manages to kill the three attackers. Upon checking their clothing and tattoos, he realizes that this is an attack by the Aryan Brotherhood and they wanted him dead. Mike calls Kareem for help, but the jailer is fed up with Mike’s games; he no longer wants to be involved in this seedy world.

After this phone call, Mike joins in Jan, someone he can always count on. Mike explains that he was targeted by them Aryan Brotherhood, he killed three of them, but his car was completely shot up. It’s a real mess that Mike needs Ian to clean up and make it disappear immediately. Ian agrees to help. Mike takes off in the attacker’s car, leaving his own by the train tracks.

Next, Mike makes his way to Bunny’s facility, furious at everything that’s happening. He walks in with his guns raised and threatens Bunny’s life. Bunny orders his men to back off and leave him alone with the mayor. They talk on the roof. Mike explains that attacking Robert is a total declaration of war; There is an army of cops who are now desperate to fight back. Bunny replies, saying that this war has been going on since he was born and is nothing new. If Mike gets in his way, he’ll have to trip him up. Mike thinks similarly, adding that if Robert dies, their relationship will change forever.

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Meanwhile, Mike missed his appointment with Iris. she arrives Mariams house and is soon pursued by Milo and his goons. Milo wants to do the exchange now; he’s tired of waiting for Mike. He makes it clear to Mike that he’s at Mariam’s house, which rightly causes the mayor to panic. He calls Kyle and Ian for assistance and they all run over.

Where are Milos bonds?

The trio meet in front of Mariam’s house. Just before entering the house, Mike realizes he is driving the enemy’s car, but the shackles are back on the train tracks in his car.

We don’t have time to collect them now; Mike enters the house anyway. He is frisked and then meets up with Milo in the living room. The Russian gangster informs Mike that Iris killed Joseph, and he will kill Mariam if he has to. Milo says Mike is overwhelmed. Mike tries to reason with Milo, mentioning the delays, Robert’s hospitalization and the attacks by the Aryan Brotherhood; Though Milo doesn’t care about excuses, he wants his restraints back.

Who shot Mariam?

Outside, Kyle infiltrates the building from behind and attacks Milo’s goons. A shootout quickly ensues and Milo flees with Iris. During the shootout, Mariam’s house is destroyed and the mother is shot dead in combat. They take Mariam to the nearest hospital before she bleeds to death. Kyle blames himself and admits he accidentally shot his mother amid the chaos. Mike orders everyone to agree that it was Milo’s goons who shot them, not Kyle. Mike tells his brother he has his whole life ahead of him; he is about to start a family. Kyle can’t let that one mistake rule his life. It’s a sweet moment between the two brothers, Mike reassuring Kyle that everything will be fine.

Ian and Mike are talking in front of the hospital. You must catch Milo before things escalate any further. Ian agrees to use the full power of the force to track him down. You go straight to Milos Club and talk to him Tatyana. She calls and Milo talks to Mike again. They agree on one last meeting place to finally exchange the bonds for Iris. Milo warns Mike this is his last chance; If he brings anyone, they will die, and so will Iris.

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In retaliation for the continued attacks, Mike orders carney to fight back in prison. The leaders of the Crips and Bloods unite and take on Gunner, who stabs the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood to death in his prison cell. Elsewhere, tracy and Kyle have a heart-to-heart over the phone and Kyle speaks face-to-face with Robert, who is on life support. Kyle feels a little lost, unsure if he can live in all this chaos. His friends and family are attacked and his mother has surgery for a potentially fatal gunshot wound.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 finale ending declared

Mike grabs the handcuffs from his wrecked car down by the train tracks and goes with Ian to the rendezvous point. He asks his friend to watch from afar, ready to fight back if necessary. While Mike walks to the dock, Milo talks to Iris privately. Milo can’t understand why Mike would risk his life for Iris. He wonders if they sleep together, but Iris denies it. His only other thought is that Mike sees Iris as an opportunity to redeem himself for all his past mistakes.

On Milo’s boat, Mike completes the transaction, trading the bag of bonds for Iris. Milo releases Iris and escapes in his boat. Iris and Mike are waiting by the water with Milo’s remaining racquets. They watch as Milo’s boat explodes and bursts into flames. It looks like Mike rigged the bag with explosives after all. Ian springs into action and shoots Milo’s goons. Mike and Iris also fight back, making sure they’re all dead.

The finale ends with narration from Mike as we meet up with all the players in the series. Mike describes Kingstown as a captive island, an isolated community that only prison labor can offer. He says the city sums up everything that’s wrong with America, a failed society. Interestingly, during this final montage we see a clip of Tatiana on the phone with Milo; he says everything went well. Did that happen before or after the explosion? If it happened before, then clearly it’s the filmmakers messing with our heads, but if it happened after, the Russian gangster is somehow still alive and he’ll want revenge.

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