Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 2 recap

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In a hilarious splendor episode, Mob struggles to contribute to his school’s cultural fair, and the Spirits and Such Consultation Office helps a strange Yokai Hunter defeat the great Yokai King.

Containing Crunchyroll Anime Series Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 2, “Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! -The Menace of a Hundred Demons!!-“, which contains spoilers.

No matter how much we hate to admit it, almost everyone does anime must eventually creep in a fill episode. Some fillers are better than others, and thankfully, this is a result of Mob Psycho 100 happens to fall into this category of good fillers. There is some quality information woven into the episode that sets the stage for later, but the plot is funnier and looser than usual.

It’s the kind of episode that’s filled with lots of laughs, but even if they’re not in danger, that doesn’t mean progress mob (spoken bySetsuo Ito) next explosion does not creep up slowly.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 2 Summary

After the usual intro, we see an unnamed man in a clipped gi looking at the divine tree from outside of town. It’s clear he came specifically to look for the tree, but for what? We’re not sure yet.

Mob starts at school. His class gets jobs for this year’s cultural fair, where they run a haunted house. As in the previous episode, Mob seems undecided about what he wants to do, but doesn’t seem to mind being assigned to the costume committee. The other three boys seem enthusiastic and ready to dress the class in white sheets, but Mob thinks they should at least try harder.

The next few scenes are quick and set the stage for the future development of the episode. At a student council meeting, the members discuss the upcoming cultural fair. Ritsu expressed concern about some of the other classes being chosen for displays and events, but is eventually shot down. As the fair approaches, Mob worries his group isn’t making enough progress. Meanwhile at spirits and such, Rain (spoken by Takahiro Sakurai) is working on new promotions when Serizawa (voiced by Takanori Hoshino) comes in and expresses interest in attending evening classes. Reigen agrees, wondering where Dimple has been since no one has seen him lately.

Now the mysterious man from the beginning of the episode reappears in front of Spirits and So. He imagines Reigen and Serizawa as Haruaki Amakusa. He explains that he hunts those “who squirm in the shadows,” and he has a mission to “put an end to the incident before it can begin.” Though what he says sounds ominous, his general jittery demeanor and random outfit throw Reigen off. He asks the man to wait outside while he sees a scheduled customer and is surprised to see Haruaki still there three hours later.

Haruaki is definitely a versatile character who finally pushes Reigen to the limit after a lengthy introduction. Eventually, he explains that he is a yokai hunter (yokai are a supernatural entity native to Japanese culture) and plans to stop them before they can revive the Yokai King. Reigen scolds him again for wasting his time, but after Haruaki offers substantial monetary compensation, he wholeheartedly agrees.

Mob shows up to talk to Reigen and is immediately drawn into the mission despite Haruaki’s protestations that it might be too dangerous for women and children. As they roam the city in search of evil spirits, it’s apparent that Mob is too busy managing the costumes for the culture fair to really focus on the mission. Haruaki’s efforts lead them to an abandoned building with a weak demonic energy, but Mob’s progress towards his next explosion suddenly increases to 31%.

The building walls are slimy and covered with strange tree roots. They soon realize that the path they used to take is now covered by more roots, although no one seems particularly impressed by this turn of events. Then suddenly a demon appears! Haruaki attacks it with his expensive, weak blade, breaking it in the process. Luckily, Serizawa defeats the ghost with relative ease, but they’re just as quickly confronted by a whole horde of them.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 2 ends

As they fight more ghosts, it seems that the big ones Yokai King has already been revived, much to Haruaki’s dismay. The king proclaims that he and his four generals will plunge the world into despair. Reigen suggests running, but it’s too late. Though Mob is doing his part to fight the spirits, he’s still thinking about the festival. His stress causes his next explosion’s progress to increase to 42%. It’s hilarious to see how effortlessly he defeats his enemies while trying to figure out how to improve his class’s haunted house.

Serizawa can also show off some of his skills here, outmaneuvering demons and defeating generals. He’s not as strong as Mob, but he can still hold his own in a fight quite well, making him a valuable addition to the team. He and Mob finish off the generals, causing the Yokai King to become angered and evolve as he prepares for revenge. Mob defeats him so easily that we cut straight to the king’s head on the ruined ground.

After defeating the Yokai King, the group reflect on how weird some jobs can be, while Mob seems to have an epiphany about the culture fair. He encourages his group to take things more seriously, like everyone else in the class, while outlining ideas for haunted house costumes. For Mob, the culture festival is a success, while it turns out that his brother Ritsu only complained earlier because his class decided to do a maid cafe.

Although this episode is mostly filler material, it does a good job of keeping Mob’s mindset as the main focus. There are definitely a few “blink and you’ll miss them” cues for what’s to come, too, making it a light-hearted breather before it starts to get intense.

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