Modern Warfare 2 Dev Doubles the Controversial Gameplay Changes

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Beta just wrapped up its first weekend. A long time ago, many users responded. Infinity Ward amplifies some controversial gameplay changes. Call of Duty has long been known as a franchise that doesn’t change much, and while the formula basically remains the same, the series is definitely different than it was when it started, or even ten years ago. Call of Duty transitioned from WWII to modern space battles. As far as we have traveled now to where we started, a whole new world war has been fought. Now Infinity Ward is hoping to jump into Modern Warfare. However, it has changed his mind quite a bit. Over the course of the weekend, fans got excited for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and their opinions on the game were expressed by one person.

While there are good and bad, many people agree that Infinity Ward had some unnecessary changes. The most notable change is that you cannot spawn on the minimap without an active Vulcan. Even if you had the silencer on the map, you would appear as a red dot when firing your weapon. This helped you know where the action was and kept games moving, especially on larger maps. Infinity Ward, without alarming fans about this change, said in a blog post that it doesn’t want to penalize players for firing their weapon and has no intention of going back to the normal minimap. The developer wants to improve the faster income perk pack and improve the bonuses next weekend. The full list of Infinity Ward Notes will be available after the first week of beta.

The point rules, including the map, are consistent with the mini-map.

  • Only one player with a UAV is active in the MW2 Beta. The design reason for this isn’t that we want to penalize players for firing their weapons. We also want players to be actively looking for the origin of a shot instead of just traveling straight to where the point is on the map on the minimap. We are still providing feedback on this topic.

target tracking

  • We’ve heard it’s difficult to track targets once you’ve entered the firefight. We agree this is an issue and we have changes in mind to reduce muzzle smoke opacity and increase muzzle flash visibility to reach people shooting at you. These changes are designed to help you track your opponents in battle.
  • We’re investigating other ways to differentiate Emies and Friends from standard nametags above enemy players’ heads. We’ll try some changes again in the two weeks later this week.

user interface

  • We’ve seen feedback about difficulties editing perk packs, managing loadouts, and accessing the Armory. We’ve identified UX issues and bugs, but we can’t adjust these in time for Beta Weekend II, but they are fully planned ahead of releases.


  • We’ve had very mixed feedback on the Perk Pack bundle. Some players love it and others find it’s not an unnecessary departure from the original system. We think the perks are good, as well as the general flow of the game. We’re also balancing ultimate perks to become more powerful as you earn them later in the game. We’ll continue testing during the second beta weekend to improve our earn percentage and see how players react. The perks are more fluid than any before launch.
  • Dead Silence is another hot topic, with many players expressing that they would rather see it as a rumble than a field upgrade. We believe that playing a game is important, so it is important that rushers cannot move at high speed without power. Dead Silence as a Field Enhancement strikes a balance between the shortest movement timeframe and combat predictability.


  • The footstep sound was very high pitched in the first week of the MP Beta, giving players directional information on enemies from afar. There are some changes in mood for Saturday the 2nd. We are reducing the range of step recordings for the different player movements (run, sprint and tactical sprint). This will help you reduce the time it takes you to move around the map. The second change is that enemy and ally footsteps are now different. This should help players better understand what happened as people advance the fight. More details to come.


  • The idea of ​​​​removing the excavator remains positive. We’re aware of the problem, but I’m considering how to go about it in the second week of the beta. While we can get some new slide mods, the change will make the movement a little smooth and snappy.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Beta Weekend 2 begins Thursday, September 22nd. This weekend, gamers can join the game and give all fans a chance to try the game. It remains to be seen whether Xbox and PC players will put pressure on Infinity Ward to revert some changes.

What do you think of Call of Duty in Modern Warfare II? Modern Warfare 2 Dev Doubles the Controversial Gameplay Changes

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