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This woman thought she was expecting triplets. But it was at the doctor’s office. That she discovered something even more incredible. Finally, there is something that hangs over everything. This mystery conveys secrets that have yet to be revealed. To make things even weirder, this. A woman’s life was about to be stolen.

All this started in India. A group of doctors in a luxury. A hospital in India was treating a woman who went there because she had something unusual in her stomach, something that developed over time and seemed to be practically eating her up. The woman appeared to have a perfect medical history. However, when they went to get one.

Ultrasound, they discovered it wasn’t. They discovered that something lived inside. Your body after an ultrasound. As a result, the following sample was taken. It is one of the largest tumors in the world. In their 30 years of practice, doctors had never seen anything like it. Experience from three decades.

They had to admit that too. The woman experienced a miracle that was science. Couldn’t fully explain. When they realized that something was alive. There was something else at play in her. After all the previous causes, they decided to remove the tumor. The woman went to him too. Doctor since she discovered she had. I’ve gained suspicious weight for a while. At the age of 52 the tumor was.

Had already grown to 45%. Woman’s body weight at the time the doctor confirmed the operation. Doctors agreed it was a. Very tiring and amazing procedure as I describe it. As a modern miracle. But wait. Next is the story of the discovery by the doctors. There’s something hiding inside a woman who’s been in a coma for 17 years. It will be terrifying to see. A hospital in the city of Phoenix. Made headlines everywhere because of an unusual occurrence that occurred in a patient who had. Was hospitalized in a vegetative state.

More than 17 years. Nurses who are responsible for the care. For patients who are in a deep coma. The exhausting task to keep in mind. On the 24 hours a day. Their clinical condition does not allow them to be aware of it or to do anything themselves. Therefore, nurses are responsible for bathing. They change their clothes every day and check their vital signs. Luis Maria was a patient at the. Center of Hacienda Center Court.

Located in the city of Phoenix in the US state of Arizona. The health center has more than 50 years of experience in specialized care and quality medical care, with a very good. reputation in academia. The patient in question had been admitted. To the health center when she was six years old when she was found. Unconscious on the sidewalk of a freeway. After a serious car accident.

Her uncles died and Louis Maria was the sole survivor. Nobody had come for a month. To see the girl or to ask about it. She raised many questions about Louis Maria. origin and their life before the accident. The hospital administration called the police. Try to help find a relative. If the girl or if that wasn’t possible. Someone to take care of her. With the help of the Phoenix Police Department. department, they managed to find the little one.

The girl’s parents were not at all aware of this. The accident her daughter suffered. Louis Maria’s parents were already elderly people living in a modest town far from the city. At the request of the police for lots. They were told Maria that the girl no longer lives with them, that she lives under guardianship and care. From her aunt and uncle. Due to some family problems, they decided. That was best for them. Little girl no longer lives with them. Health center authorities were.

Very surprised, but Louis Maria’s parents were. Even more surprised when they found out what had happened to her and her aunt and uncle. The first thing they did was ask. To see her daughter. When they saw her, they excused themselves on their knees. For being and having irresponsible parents. Doesn’t care about her as. earned son or daughter. That’s what the doctors explained to the Lord. The damage suffered by Los Maria. It was practically irreversible that only the passage. In time, a miracle could restore her vitality, awaken from her coma, and regain her consciousness. The next thing they were told was.

The amazing amount of money it would. Cost to keep the girl alive. Connected to medical devices and fed intravenously. The expenses were very high. They covered a huge amount of medical services. Technology sometimes used in vegetative patients, along with the numerous medical and. Nursing staff who had to work 24 hours a day to monitor Lose Marias. health and check that she has not had any major complications. The parents knew they couldn’t.

Pay that amount of money for as. Many years as it took and they. Made the difficult decision to order them. The daughter should be deregistered. But the gorilla had already entered that. hearts of every nurse she has met. The reason the hospital found a solution was that Lose Maria would not die. Every doctor and nurse in town. Saved money to pay for her hospital. Bills hoping that one day she would wake up. So the years passed, and. As a little girl, she grew into a beautiful woman that everyone talked about. More than 15 years had passed and.

The oldest patient in the health center. Showed no signs of recovery and stayed so young. She bedded and rode every day. Her complex situation caused her entire medical staff to bow and admire her. Louis Maria fascinated the members. From the hospital she frequented. One of them was Andrea, a nurse who had taken care of Lose Maria. For several years and felt very connected to her. She visited her every day and talked to her.

To her, held her hand or played music for her with the slightest hope that her health would improve. One day when Andrea was driving to work, she had an accident that took her a year to recover from. Leave the hospital. This caused her to distance herself from them. Her favorite patient for a long time. Luckily she was able to recover, and. After a year she was hospitalized. To resume her duties as a nurse. Of course, the first thing she did. Also checked out Liz Maria. Make sure it’s been well cared for.

She was on vacation the whole time. The first when entering the room. She heard Luz was Maria. She let out a weak moan and her heart rate increased. Andrea had no idea what was going on. Her, so she managed to remove it. Checking the sheets on the bed. your body for all injuries. But what she was about to find. Was the last thing she would have imagined. While removing the sheets, Andrea saw one. Huge bulge in Louis Maria’s abdomen.

She put her palm. On her stomach and realized that it. Wasn’t a wound, but that Louis Maria was pregnant and in labor at that very moment. Andrea left the room scared and screaming. For help that caused a stir. The health center staff. The experts managed to extract the baby. By caesarean section. Miraculously, the little girl was in great shape. Although her weight was below normal, she had many chances to survive. Hospital management contacted the Phoenix Police Department.

File a complaint against the Heartless. Man who took advantage of Luis. Maria’s condition to abuse her. Both the police and the public order office. The health service interviewed all hospital employees. Responded that they didn’t know. Louis Maria was pregnant. There have been too many suspects since Louis. Maria needed 24 hour care and several.

People had access to their room. Meanwhile, Andrea took care of Louis Maria’s daughter who lived in their home. Andrea tried to contact Louis Maria’s parents. To tell them that they have a granddaughter, but it turns out that they are already deceased, which makes Andrea very sad. The baby had to endure a lot. DNA testing to determine who her father was. Eventually it was discovered that the girls.

Father was none other than one of the hospital’s most renowned doctors. Who happened to be one of the people. Who contributed the most money to keep Louis Maria alive? The case was soon publicized and millions of people felt deep anger at what had been done to lose Maria. Andrea never lowered her arms for justice.

To do against the abusive doctor. Who used all his money and power to avoid jail. However, the social pressure and legal. Struggle of Andrea and her colleagues, nurses. Doctors and all the medical staff in the hospital paid off and the doctor. Was sentenced to prison. Andrea felt relieved that justice had been done to her. But she still felt a great emptiness. For her friend for not waking up. She thought maybe Louis Maria needed it.

To bond long with their new daughter who they named Hope. Andrea entered Louis Maria’s room with a. Baby in her arms and put her. On her mother’s breast so she. Could feel the warmth and hear her daughter screaming. After 30 minutes, Louis Maria was still doing it. He didn’t react and Hope didn’t stop. They cried because they needed food. Then Andrea went to pick up Hope. When she suddenly saw how easy Maria is.

Eyes slowly tried to open. Joy entered the hospital that day. Will be remembered forever. Of all the good people who took Care of Loose Maria. This woman who had arrived at the. hospital when she was a child. Now woke up in the body. A grown woman with a daughter in her arms. Andrea helped, the doctors explained, losing. Maria had everything that had happened to her. Of course, at first the woman fell into despair.

Her mind only had memories of when. She was a child, but she conceived. The support of many people. To move forward and live as normal a life as possible, Andrea Louis gave Maria a home by welcoming her and her baby girl into her home for the benefit of many. For years Andrea Lose helped raise Maria. The baby that had to learn. Be a great man and make up for lost time. In the more than 17 years that. She remained in a coma. Luckily she had the support of a.

A loyal friend who never left her. Today Luz Maria is already self-employed. A woman who lives with her daughter in a house of her own. But Andrea helps her further. And they remain more friends than ever. So we culminate with the surprising story. By Louis Maria, a woman who was. 17 years in a coma in the hospital. And who suffered a horrible accident while being unconscious pregnant with a girl.

She miraculously managed to wake up when. She felt her little girl cry. She currently devotes her days to education. A daughter and coping with trauma. Caused by the terrible things that happened to her. Thank you for coming this far and learning about the shocking and moving story of Louis Maria. Leave your like and your opinion in the comments. Mom Thinks She’s Having Triplets But Doctor Discovers Something Shocking – Women After 40

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