My First Concert Included Vomit, A Wheelchair, & Brad Paisley… I Was 10

Everyone remembers their first concert, right?

It’s the first time you’ve been surrounded by so many people singing the same songs as you, and the first time the music is so loud you can feel every beat in your chest.

I mean it’s great.

And I’ve definitely experienced those things.

But, well, I also experienced a few other things for the first time.

I was about 10 and I was excited and scared.

I’m still quite claustrophobic and anxious, so the process of getting from the car to my seat at a live event makes me want to die a little.

I don’t think I cried at that concert, but I would say it was younger than me. So, you know, a great start…

Well, I was at my uncle’s and we were a bit late which added to my stress (but I totally didn’t think of that).

I remember walking into the venue wearing a brand new brown Brad Paisley band t-shirt as Dierks Bentley played “What Was I Thinking”.
Remember this was in Florida. Tampa to be exact. So there were drunk people (and weirder than normal people) everywhere.

The Taylor Swift concerts I went to after this one were much more. . . tame.

However, once I was securely in my seat, I don’t think I sat down a single time. I was close to the aisle so I could dance and jump as much as I wanted.

It was fantastic.

Until I looked over and saw this trace of. . . some kind of liquid ran down the sloping passage. I didn’t think too much about it because we all famous people drop water at a concert.

Then the smell hit most of us.

The sour smell of bile and beer. Thankfully no chunks, but yes, definitely vomit.

It reminded me of children throwing up next to my table in the canteen. I’ve been waiting all this time for a steward to come with this powder to clean it up.


Instead, the paramedics came because a girl two rows down was so drunk she threw up and passed out.

So, my 10-year-old self watched as this girl was loaded into a wheelchair, her head dangling to the side and her eyes resembling them undertaker.

Did I think she was dead? I mean, yeah… sort of.

Was I slightly scarred when I saw what my imaginary brain thought was a possibly dead girl? Nah, probably not.

Did I sing so loud that I didn’t have a voice for school the next day? Absolutely, and I felt so damn cool.

So yeah, I think about that girl sometimes and hope she’s okay.

And I sometimes think of my uncle profusely apologizing to my mother while she just laughs and says it’s a life experience and a story.

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