Neighbors Hear Baby Crying For Days. That’s When Police Break In And Realize What’s Happened – Women After 40

All children should be loved and cherished. They are not asking to be brought into this world. They shouldn’t have to ask to be taken care of, especially from those they are supposed to love – their parents.

There are no crimes worse than those committed against the most innocent. Abandonment is perhaps one of the cruellest. Children understand pain, but they do not have the maturity to process abuse or victimization that adults do. When an adult realizes that they were abused or abandoned as a child, they may feel like reliving the trauma.

More than ten years ago, residents of the Russian city of Yaroslavl heard weeping coming from one of the city’s houses. The howling was incessant.

Neighbors watched the house for days. Nobody entered or exited. Finally the police were called. To their horror, they found one-year-old Liza Verbitskaya crawling around the abandoned building with no one else to be seen.

She had been abandoned by her parents days earlier. The police tried to locate little Liza’s parents but were unsuccessful.

Liza was taken to a hospital for an examination. Their chances of adoption were slim because the country was socially backward and people were not very accepting of their darker skin.

In the hospital, Liza met a woman who changed her life.

Inna Nikka was in the hospital to visit her sick son when she met Liza after the little girl had a crying fit in her room. The mother decided to visit the child as often as possible.

During her daily visits to Liza, Inna developed a maternal bond with the child. She would bring her clothes and food.

One day, while visiting the little girl, Inna found out that Liza had been discharged from the hospital. She hadn’t been adopted, so she was sent to an orphanage.

Heartbroken, Inna didn’t want to let the little girl down. She began the long, arduous process of adopting them.

It took a year, but finally Liza was Inna’s child.

Her new mother took the child into her home as if she were her own blood, but Liza’s integration into Inna’s family was not smooth.

Despite being young, Liza was still traumatized by her initial abandonment by her biological parents. She was afraid of abrupt loud noises and had difficulty motivating herself to learn to walk and eat.

Inna stayed patient. She worked with Liza to boost her self-esteem and confidence by enrolling her in ballet and introducing her to the arts.

But by the time she was twelve, Liza had won multiple talent pageants and beauty pageants. She had even signed a modeling contract, which made her a minor celebrity in Russia.

With Inna’s care and love, Liza blossomed. Then, one day, Liza’s birth mother — the one she left behind in that empty house in Yaroslavl — reached out and wanted to have a relationship with her daughter.

Like a good mother, Inna didn’t judge. She took note of the woman’s dates and decided to let Liza decide about reuniting with her birth mother.

Liza has not yet decided whether to comply with the woman’s request.

Thanks to Inna, Liza has the confidence and inner strength she needs all the time. Inna never gave up on her. Liza has come a long way from this traumatized child crawling on the dirty floor of this lonely house.

The relationship between Inna and Liza is based on love, emotional affection and tenderness. Inna loves Liza as every mother should, giving her true acceptance and kindness. She had the patience to develop her inner confidence that allowed her to grow into a beautiful young woman, inside and out.

Her story is a beautiful reminder for all of us to show more kindness, compassion and love. This could be just what someone needs to step out of their shell and become the person they are meant to be. Neighbors Hear Baby Crying For Days. That’s When Police Break In And Realize What’s Happened – Women After 40

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