New Articles of Impeachment Introduced Against Joe Biden

Americans who understand the cancer the Biden presidency has created in the country may have given up hope of finding a permanent cure any time soon.

But thanks to Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, they know there is at least one treatment.

And if the November midterm election goes in the Republicans’ favor, the country could see many more doses of it over the next two years.

Greene introduced an impeachment resolution Monday against President Joe Biden — at least the third time in the two years Biden has been in office that an impeachment attempt has been formally brought before the House, and the second time that Greene himself has brought the impeachment .

The three articles in Green’s resolution relate to Biden’s manipulation of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the vast stockpile of crude oil the American government is said to hold ready for use in dire national emergencies.


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For Biden and his Democratic Party, however, the midterm election prospects – amid defeat abroad, rampant domestic inflation, a growing illegal immigration crisis and tyrannical abuses of the presidency’s powers – presented a political emergency.

And it’s one that Biden has no problem draining America’s oil reserves to try and solve.

In a Twitter post published Monday, Greene drew his attention to this, specifically citing the oil’s sales to foreign nations, including China:

“No President of the United States should do this to the American people,” Greene said in a video while standing on the steps of the Capitol. “It’s going to trigger a national emergency crisis, and that’s exactly what President Joe Biden is doing.”

Greene previously introduced an impeachment order against Biden on Jan. 21, 2021, a day after the beginning of the disaster that the Biden presidency had become.

That resolution focused on Biden’s activities as vice president, including assisting his drug-addict, high-life son, Hunter, with various business interests in Ukraine and China.

In September of last year, Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs introduced an impeachment resolution citing Biden’s cowardly, lying handover of Afghanistan to the tender mercy of Taliban terrorists.

That resolution also cited Biden’s adamant refusal to enforce the law — in direct contradiction to his oath to “conscientiously perform the office of President of the United States.”


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These included the illegal immigration crisis he created, his shameful decision to maintain a COVID-19-related moratorium on evictions until the Supreme Court slapped him on the hand, and the deadly, messy, and humiliating United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

With the possible exception of Greene’s first resolution — impeachment of a president for acts committed before he took office is a questionable proposition — any of the grounds put forward by Greene or Gibbs would be considered more than sufficient to impeach a president who after that “Republican” was his name

(Though it’s doubtful a Republican whose name wasn’t “John Kasich” would come close to qualifying.)

And they don’t even factor in Biden’s more recent excesses, like his arming of the Justice Department — with the help of malicious Attorney General Merrick Garland — against American citizens as well as the man who’s currently his most likely rival for the presidency in 2024.

They don’t account for his stealing of up to $1 trillion from the nation’s treasury to pay for an unconstitutional bailout of those who took out loans for their education, which are now being repaid by taxpayers pending an inevitable court challenge will. Most of them are worse off than most of the debtors who will exonerate them.

No American can forget that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats voted in 2019 to impeach then-President Donald Trump on the flimsiest of grounds and with the smallest majority, so the precedent has already been set.

When a Republican majority is sworn in with the new Congress in January 2023, it’s a given that impeachment resolutions will be considered — whether by Greene, Gibbs, or any other member of the GOP. (Passage, of course, is a different story.)

It almost goes without saying that no matter which party controls the Senate majority after the midterms, Democrats will have enough seats to prevent an impeachment trial from getting a two-thirds majority for a conviction.

But that doesn’t mean that the effort is in vain.

Even allowing for partisanship, no honest American can view the Biden administration as anything but the disaster it is – one unmatched by the worst governments before it.

His desertion of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the embarrassing duplicity that surrounded him equals or surpasses the ignominy of Jimmy Carter’s incompetence during the Iran hostage crisis. His cynical, almost criminal, use of the Justice Department and FBI against political opponents and average Americans is far worse than the excesses of the IRS during the Obama years.

Should Joe Biden be charged?

No Republican president, including the much maligned – and very much resigned – Richard Nixon, has ever compiled anything like Joe Biden’s record of misconduct and outright crime in less than 24 months.

One of the most famous phrases to emerge from the overthrow of Richard Nixon was the one that described the Watergate scandal as “cancer to the presidency” (a slight variation on the original phrase used by Nixon’s White House Attorney John Dean became).

In the United States under the Biden presidency, the cancer is the government itself — a snake’s nest of authoritarians operating under the aegis of a reeling, almost certainly corrupt figurehead who cannot be trusted to speak his own name half the time not to be responsible for the malicious machinations of the vast bureaucracy operating on his behalf.

Nothing Donald Trump has done in the White House – nothing he has even been accused of – can match the vicious White House threat posed by Biden and the modern incarnation of the Democratic Party to the system of government they seem intent on destroying.

And if it takes weekly doses of impeachment therapy to remind Democrats and the American public that this cancer can be beaten, then the House GOP should be more than willing to comply.

The life of the American Republic—a polity born and nurtured by some of the greatest minds that ever lived—may very well require it.


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