Noise (2023) ending explained – what really happened to Julia’s daughter?

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We’re discussing the ending of the Netflix movie Noise (2023), which will contain spoilers.

Natalia Beristains crime drama, NoiseShe claims it’s based on “many true stories.” The harrowing film follows a distraught mother, Julia (played by Julia Egurrola), in her search for films about what happened to her daughter Ger, who has been missing for nine months. Julia allies with Abril (Teresa Ruiz), a young journalist who writes about missing persons cases that the Mexican authorities would rather sweep under the rug. During her secret investigation, Julia hires a lawyer who needs armed security guards because her job is to find missing people. She meets corrupt cops, stumbles upon a truck full of dead bodies that the authorities are trying to hide, and encounters too many women in her very situation.

The end of Noise (2023) explained

Julia and Abril’s investigation into Ger’s case seems to have attracted the wrong attention when the journalist is brutally kidnapped from their bus by gunmen. Although the bus is full, nobody dares to intervene while Abril asks the other passengers for help, while Julia has to watch helplessly as her new friend is dragged away. When she arrives at her destination, the prosecutor responsible for Ger’s disappearance finds Julia and takes her to a warehouse, where police are holding a cartel member who may have information on her daughter’s whereabouts.

To Julia’s surprise, the cartel member is still a teenager. After showing him some photos of her daughter, Julia finally learns something concrete about her disappearance. According to the boy, the night she disappeared, Ger was at the nightclub and was doing cocaine that she bought from the competition. Having bought drugs from the “wrong” dealers and being an attractive woman sealed her fate. While the cartel member does not say whether the missing girl was trafficked or killed, he makes it very clear that Julia will never see her again. Broken by the news, the protagonist exits the building in a daze and shock.

A group of women are peacefully protesting in the streets, calling on the authorities to intervene in missing persons cases. Julia joins the protests, but they are soon broken up when riot police arrive. Our protagonist tries to hide in a nearby building with various other protesters, but they are pursued by the police, who break in and brutally beat them into submission. It is clear that the authorities in this scene have no interest in simply stopping the protest, they are there to teach these women a hard lesson. Unarmed women of all ages are being chased, beaten and dragged while trying to escape. Julia is brutally hit in the face by an armed officer.

In the final scene, our protagonist follows a hooded figure into the desert, who turns out to be Ger. To learn that Ger survived her ordeal and made it in time for the protest to save her mother would have been nice, but that’s not what’s happening here. Noise is a harrowing story and happy endings are not on the menu. Julia was hit hard in the head and lost consciousness before the hooded woman came to lead her away from the violence. She seems to move freely between the protesters and the police without anyone noticing her. The heartbreaking final moment in this feature suggests that our protagonist lost her life that day – the only possible way for her and Ger to finally be reunited.

What did you think of the ending of the Netflix movie Noise (2023)? Comment below. Noise (2023) ending explained – what really happened to Julia’s daughter?

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