Now Here’s a Scandal: You’re Telling Me There’s a Third Hour of GMA?

It’s funny how stories can still shock. That feeling of – ah! – Surprise hasn’t resolved or deadened for some of us despite all the shocking things that have happened, especially all the shocking things that have happened in the last 10 years or so. The Pandemic. Government officials celebrating during lockdown. Don*ld Tr*mp. El*n M*sk. A plane just…disappeared. The guy who made deliveries a thing is now delivering people to the edge of space. It’s been an incredible couple of decades. But no matter how many crazy things happen, we keep the shock ability.

Best example I have: this Good morning America Thing. You saw the news, right? Really shocking stuff. Knew that all somewhere along the way GMA extended to a third hour every day? It’s called GMA3 (!), and it airs weekdays at 1 p.m. ET. I’m shocked!

We found out about the third hour of daytime television because photos were published there Daily Mail who appear to have been recorded by a private investigator, and they are among the hosts of the third hour, Amy Roebach and tj holmes, snogging everywhere—in upstate New York, in Times Square—even though they’re both married to other people.

Robach is married andrew shue, earlier from Melrose Square, and Holmes is married Marilee Holmes, Immigration attorney handling model visas. (vanity fair has called GMA3 for comment on the situation with his hosts, and no one has made any statement to anyone.) So it doesn’t seem like a victimless situation. We all suffered because we didn’t know there was a third hour good morning america and now we know about it and can tune in. Silver linings are everywhere. You just have to look.

That post and its tabloids were very quick to box and promote the story on the well-known beats, though allow us to don our media criticism hat for a second here: there is a third hour GMA? Page Six even reported that the show’s runners were considering letting this flash out of the bottle. “While the producers were freaking out and having discussions about whether it was right to put them back on air together, they emerged as a couple and said they were ready and perfectly fine to go on the air,” claims the anonymous source by Page Six. “Their attitude seems to be that they’re both broken up and now they’re together, so there’s nothing to hide.” Then the message came from persons that the couple was actually “dating in the open” after separating from their respective spouses in August.

There is yeah and Mika, when Joe and Mika were in the third hour of the booth Good morning America. Well, there is one detail from the story that is totally understandable. Fully plausible. Absolutely expected. That Daily Mail They reportedly (though an anonymous source disputes this) began their alleged dalliance while covering the Queen’s Jubilee abroad – a commission steeped in the heady brew of exotic locales and first-wave romance that historically has marked the kind of passionate journalistic affairs that they used to make films about. There’s nothing shocking about that. Now Here’s a Scandal: You’re Telling Me There’s a Third Hour of GMA?

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