Ohio Frisbee Golfer Gets Hilariously Beat Up By A Deer On The Course

Raised in South Carolina, there really isn’t an area where deer aren’t afraid of human interaction.

Seriously, if you’re somehow within 10 feet of one, that’s a limit wonder because they usually tend to shoot in the opposite direction of a human’s first sight.

Needless to say, I have a hard time imagining scenarios where a deer will either approach you, or even more so, approach you.

Take this video for example…

And the deer not only approached some bystanders, it attacked you directly.

The video was captured at the Frisbee golf course at Glacier Ridge Park near Columbus, Ohio, and you can see a deer run up to one of the tourists and practically smack the guy on the ass and trample on him.

I mean come on, frisbee golf is hard enough, you have to weave a tiny disc around a densely wooded area and try to do whatever it takes not to lose it in a creek…

And now you also have to worry about attacking deer? Glacier Ridge Park has perhaps the most difficult frisbee golf course in the world.

Of course, the video doesn’t show how this human-deer interaction even got started, but bystanders are laughing their heads off as their pal fights for his life over here.

This female most likely has a fawn nearby and went into adult mommy protection mode. You can also tell by the way the deer is romping around that the deer is going completely nuts.

Took a frisbee to his neck like nothing happened but I think the guy needs to take the L on this one.

Winner declares… the deer.

Doe stomps bobcat attacking her fawn

Mom doesn’t play…

A bobcat is a pure predator, although taking down a deer is usually on the larger and rarer side of what it’s targeting. Despite their clearly incredible hunting abilities, rabbits tend to be in their typical size range.

But as this wild video shows, they are more than capable of handling a young fawn.

The wildlife cam from Hanover, Illinois captures a still image of the bobcat rearing up the fawn from behind and sinking its claws into the fawn’s hindquarters.

The bobcat in the next scene, which is now live video, wrestles with the fawn and it appears to be holding its neck. The deer is fighting for its life, but the bobcat seems to be in excellent control of the situation.

But then the mother comes to the rescue.

She kicks the ever-living shit out of the bobcat, stomps and stomps, and walks right over him to save her kid. Honestly, she must have met her own fawn that she was stomping so wildly.

The bobcat gets up and runs away… but was it too little too late?

Yes, yes, that was it.

Another reminder: nature is cruel and these animals face some difficulties. There’s no doubt after seeing the deer stomp on the bobcat that she’d be a sad old deer when she realized her cub was gone.

The deer stays close and defends itself for a while while her deer lies motionless on the ground. Then she leaves and surprised the bobcat comes back and gets some good meals worth of venison from the ordeal.

Either way, this is wild stuff.

I’ve never seen a bobcat take out a deer like that and then a deer fight one off, let alone in the same video. Ohio Frisbee Golfer Gets Hilariously Beat Up By A Deer On The Course

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