Once-In-A-Lifetime Video Captures Grizzly Bear Chasing Mountain Goats Past Terrified Hikers At Glacier National Park

Talk about a wild hike.

Everyone’s hoping for some nice sights, maybe some kind of animal encounter from afar, but a big old grizzly bear charging right at you? Not what you signed up for…

What if he decides you’re going to be his dinner instead? I mean, honestly, the mountain goats have a MUCH better chance of getting away.

That’s just incredible.

Video from Glacier National in Montana first shows some goats running down the trail, with more people in the distance on the other side of them. One of the goats comes straight towards the filming man.

Then out of nowhere comes a hungry grizzly trying to get some food. Needless to say, this explains why we let the goats run like they’re chasing something.

Now the filming man is also panicking.

As the camera views shake around in the panic, heavy breathing can be heard as the grizzly runs by, ignoring the walkers to hunt the goats.

A little more adrenaline than you expected, right?

The video calms down as the bear continues to chase the goats, which are now in the distance.

The clip is awesome, the background is perfect and shows how fast and amazing both mountain goats and grizzly bears are.

The goats live out here on the mountainside and are hunted by grizzlies. The grizzlies out here hunt goats that live on mountainsides to survive. It’s a pretty crazy world out there.

And it’s great that these national parks have so much wildlife and tourists to capture those crazy moments.

“While hiking the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail in Glacier National Park, I spotted a grizzly bear chasing mountain goats.

The bear and goats came right onto the busy trail, startling hikers who were just yards from the action.

The bear and the goats eventually left the path and went down the mountain.”

Here’s another video from a few weeks later… must be a regular occurrence:

Young moose tries to escape wolf and a grizzly bear in Banff National Park

It’s hard for a moose out here…

Even in a national park like Banff, where there is so much wildlife, it’s not every day you get an animal encounter like this.

Also, capture everything on video… even crazier.

It might not be the best quality, and our guy isn’t Steven Spielberg, but it’s still amazing.

It begins with a harrowing video as you notice something on the bank across the river. It ends with a wolf chasing a moose calf into the river. He must have nibbled it because the moose starts crying pretty hard when he gets into the water. Choosing to stay dry, the wolf decides not to pursue and he looks up at the onlookers before retreating back into the woods.

Young moose lives to fight another day…

Not so fast.

Just when you think the moose might have escaped, the grizzly gets in the water and makes its way across the river. It ends downstream, well away from the moose, which is still fighting its way back to shore.

When the grizzly hits land, he’ll show you one of the many reasons he’s such an incredible animal. In seconds he lands exactly where the moose landed on the bank and chases it back into the water under a bridge.

The bikers filming are in total shock and I can’t really blame them. Imagine your morning workout taking a bike ride in the mountains and you witness such a succession of events?

The moose comes out from under the bridge with the bear right by the tail.

“This is the most epic shit of all time… This is planet earth.”

Not for the moose…

I don’t see any lies here though, it’s quite epic. This would be some sort of stuff you see on Planet Earth.

When the moose swims downstream, it gets some distance from the grizzly. Smart move, young man, smart move. The moose made it safely to shore, only to find the wolf waiting for him.


“At the end of the video, the moose gains some distance but lands on the bank while the wolf waits on the train tracks and the grizzly bear eventually catches up.

I’m not sure who wins, but it’s definitely not the moose.”

Nature can be a cruel, cruel beast.

Grizzly Bear attacks two Bowhunters


Bears are perhaps one of the coolest and baddest animals on the entire planet. And for many of the same reasons, it also makes them the most terrifying animals on the planet.

Big, fast, strong… if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being changed by a bear, it may be too late before you even have a chance to react. For these two Bowhunter in Canada that was almost the case.

While hunting near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, these bowhunters stumbled upon a large old sow and her two youngsters at the feed barrel, but as soon as she got a whiff of it, she charged full force.

“These two hunters were watching a bear and her cubs when the larger animal suddenly charged at them. Luckily, the two men scared the bear away and walked away with only minor injuries.”

Luckily these guys got away with some minor injuries and all I can think of is a freshly soiled pair of shorts.

But… they caught the whole thing on camera.

Grizzly Bear delivers a chilling bluff attack to a group of tourists in Alaska

Few animals on earth are more terrifying than grizzly bears, especially a mother grizzly who protects her cubs. The bruins’ sheer size, speed, and power make them capable of delivering deadly blows to humans with ease.

Spring is one of the best times of year to spot bears and they are a major tourist attraction in the wild places where they live. The bears are very active in the spring as they come out of their dens hungry and in search of food. However, spring is also the time when mom bears have cubs in tow, so encounters with bears can be particularly precarious.

While a group of tourists watched a mother bear and her cubs from a safe distance across the river, a curious young grizzly unexpectedly stumbled after them at an uncomfortably close distance.

The tour guide quickly realizes that his can of bear spray was in someone else’s coat pocket at the time, so dumping it out was not an option. Instead, he had to pull out his .44 Magnum, a last resort that luckily he didn’t need in this situation.

He also realized that the bear was approaching out of curiosity and not animosity, which allowed him to remain calm and use his voice and physical presence to discourage the bear from starting a fight. With over a decade of experience observing grizzly bears, the guide also recognized that the bears’ initial charge is more of a bluff than an attack.

To further discourage the bear from running into the group, he advised the people behind them to raise their hands in the air as if they were a real gamer so that they look notoriously large in the bear’s eyes.

When exploring bear country, it is important to understand the situation, the circumstances, and the type of bear you are dealing with so that you can react appropriately to ward off an attack.

The National Park Service has a detailed guide to dealing with bear encounters that all outdoor enthusiasts should brush up on.

Here’s more from the guide:

“At 12:50 you hear me tell everyone, ‘Get behind me and raise your arms in the air.’ This is fairly standard procedure for this situation and the only step left to prevent a real attack , except that I mean . 44SW.

The reason I placed the group behind me is that if this bear charges, I’m the only person who can hope to stop them, which means I have to be in the front and face that risk head-on, without anything and nobody hindering me.

If a bear charges with intent to kill, you only have one shot to stop it before it grabs someone at that range.

The reason I didn’t fire my .44SW is twofold. First of all, I honestly didn’t know and don’t know how this bear would have reacted. It could have run away or the shot could have caused a proper charge as well, and second because when the bear grabs me I want every bullet.

In this video, I’m carrying an S&W Model 29, 44 Mag, with 305 gr HSM Bear charges generating 1075 foot-lbs of energy.” Once-In-A-Lifetime Video Captures Grizzly Bear Chasing Mountain Goats Past Terrified Hikers At Glacier National Park

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