Oof, These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Cringe-Worthy Awkward

No one is immune to the occasional awkward moment. Even the most charming of us have our fair share of chilling memories. It’s part of being human. However, some people are more prone to these clunky social situations.

Anxiety, insecurity, and sensitivity all affect how “clumsy” we appear to others. While many factors can contribute to these phenomena, they are also in the stars. In fact, our natal charts may label us “ethereal” or “awkward” at birth.

And according to Kosmos, these four signs are the most terrifying.

Capricorn: Disciplined to a mistake

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Capricorns have trouble letting go, which makes them appear stiff and cold to others. They are also extremely intelligent. So they get the immense resentment of to know how awkward they are behaving – but don’t know exactly how to fix it.

Because they have trouble letting their guard down, others tend to do the same when they’re around a Capricorn. Cap’s loved ones can see through these barriers. But to a stranger, Cap’s inability to be vulnerable can be off-putting.

This fear of vulnerability also makes it difficult for Cap to rely on others. They would rather fight quietly (and alone) than admit they couldn’t do something. Also, they have a hard time believing that someone else could actually help.

Capricorn’s detachment is rooted in insecurity, not misanthropy. From an outsider’s perspective, however, it reads the same way.

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Virgo: Too hot or too cold

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Given how judgmental these signs can be, it may surprise others to know that Virgo is actually incredibly (secretly) awkward. In fact, the criticism they levy on others is nothing compared to the self-criticism they dish out on a daily basis.

Socially, this puts Virgo in a confusing state of being way too hot or way too cold. On the one hand, Virgo’s helping nature causes them to push boundaries without realizing it. Not surprisingly, this can make people nervous.

On the other hand, Virgo is very insecure. This makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable in social situations. They would rather assume no one wants to talk to them than think the opposite and have it Not be true.

For outsiders, of course, this can seem distant. Despite their best efforts, Virgo never seems to find a happy middle ground.

Cancer: Reserved and, yes, grumpy

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Sensitive zodiac signs like Cancer get a lot of criticism for their emotional abilities. Dealing with feelings may be their forte, but that can’t be said of the company. Most superficial interactions require a level of neutrality that Cancer cannot always achieve.

To start, cancer love tradition and routine. They need sufficient time to adjust to their environment. If they don’t have this, they can become overstimulated, agitated, and volatile. Like their zodiac sign, Cancers prefer the safe protection of their armor.

In addition, Cancerians take almost every social interaction to heart. One snide remark — whether said with malice or not — can dramatically change a Cancer’s mood for the rest of the night. And once they decide to wallow, there’s no going back.

Therefore, people often feel like they have to walk on eggshells to avoid upsetting Cancer. Meanwhile, Cancer feels the same way when they step out of their comfort zone.

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Fish: Flounder, Cringe, Repeat

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Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is the most prone to imagination. These juicy romantics will try to find the good in everyone, even when it’s not deserved. Despite their altruistic nature, they struggle to return this favor.

Pisces are almost constantly stuck in their own heads. They spend conversations analyzing and critiquing their responses. These individuals are totally self-absorbed, but not in a selfish way. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

When Pisces are uncomfortable (which they often are), they falter. They are either turned off completely, making them seem rude or cold. Or they start over-sharing every trauma and frightening memory they can muster.

Those who can overcome Pisces’ initial awkwardness know that this sign is also incredibly warm, thoughtful, and helpful. But getting through this first phase is not easy.

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