OpTic BobbyPoff under fire after belittling opposing streamers, calls them ‘irrelevant’

Twitch streamer and Warzone player Bobby “OpTic BobbyPoff” has come under fire lately after belittling his opponents during a Warzone match that saw his opponents chasing their in-game champions contract, also known as the Nuke Contract.

For those who don’t know, the Nuke Contract allows players to detonate a nuclear bomb that will wipe out the entire lobby at once. To earn a Nuke Contract, a team or player must win five consecutive Warzone matches.

In the viral clip, OpTic BobbyPoff and his teammates were on course for victory. However, they ran into a group of creators that included Warzone player Ethan “Stellar”. Bobby was seen making a scathing speech against her, leading to subsequent criticism.

OpTic BobbyPoff is under fire today after a group of streamers refused to back out of their nuke contract while his group was out to nuke, and he had this to say

What did OpTic BobbyPoff say? Streamer addresses situation after backlash

OpTic BobbyPoff faced the heat of the gaming community after a clip of him urging his opponents to wipe their squad went viral. The clip has already been shared by Ethan Stellar and online news reporter Jake Lucky, which has drawn criticism.

After being killed in-game, he said the following in the clip:

“They use RPKs and Fennecs and that’s about all they can use. They have no skills, no talent and no entertainment value. We’re literally doing a challenge, so people are watching.”

Continuing his polemical attack, he said:

“These guys will probably be irrelevant forever.”

He also added:

“My stream will probably get more views than it ever had on its damn channel.”

His tirade was quickly made public, leading to the criticism that followed. However, he did respond to Ethan’s tweet by replying:

@EthanStellar Stellar… I’ve known you for 4 years since the blackout days. You could have just let me know, but posted a whole edit on the timeline instead. You were on another account, I didn’t mention your name once because I didn’t know it was you. How’s that even personal?

He also added:

@EthanStellar I’ll be the first to admit that some of what I said was exaggerated. Hour 13 of my stream aiming a pistol at a nuclear bomb to get the passion flowing. That’s no excuse for insulting smaller streamers, but I find the way it’s being presented as a personal attack strange.

His first answer eventually provoked further objections. He eventually apologized on his stream. He said:

“There is no excuse for my actions. I said pretty shitty shit. I’ve said horrible shit that’s really unnecessary, and not only that, I keep talking about the fact of the matter for 10, 15 minutes, for a long time, it just looks good, especially when I’m influencing a lot of people.”

Fans react to the situation

BobbyPoff’s apology didn’t get much traction in the streaming community. After his initial rant, fans swarmed in with critical remarks. Here are some of them:

@JakeSucky You didn’t mention that the other team also had a 4/5 streak. Report all details.

@JakeSucky So they made a pistol challenge for nukes. Because handling pistols is a CHALLENGE. But then cry in shock because another team played the game too? They wanted the Meta Gun team to let them have the nuke. Where’s the challenge here?

@JakeSucky All of this could have been avoided if there had been a ranked WZ playlist because watching people keep getting nukes is not the business

@JakeSucky Am I missing something here, or is my husband just crying because another team stopped them from getting a nuclear bomb? How is it? If so, the game is the game, you’ve been beaten… it all feels mega

@JakeSucky All I hear in this video is crying. ability problem.

In response to his apology, one user said:

@holy_shepard @BobbyPoff @EthanStellar @yeet_FPS LMFAO. The guy doesn’t even post it on his own Twitter. Apologizing doesn’t right the wrong, dude. If anything, it proves how great a tool he believes is entitled to everything “owed” to him.

Despite the controversy, OpTic itself has yet to comment on the situation. It remains to be seen whether the streamer will continue to comment on the criticism.

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