Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste review

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What could have been a sex positive institute turned into a weird, controlling sex cult and this documentary really made me uneasy.

Here’s our official review of the Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste.

Who doesn’t love sex? Talking about it, seeing it, doing it, generations can be sex crazy, and there’s so much surrounding female sexuality and pleasure that it’s no wonder this company took off, but was it all for the well-being of the people?

Controversial sexual health and wellness brand one button gained notoriety and devotees for its practice of “orgasmic meditation” – until members made disturbing allegations. Sarah Gibson and Sloane Kelvinthe directors who previously brought us the Netflix original documentary Britney vs. Spears, examine the controversial story of OneTaste’s rise and fall. In this 29-minute documentary, we look at this company, its tremendous highs and then dramatic lows, and how and why it eventually closed.

Originally in a 10-part cover BBC Radio 4 Podcast Series, The cult of orgasmthe documentary follows the disturbing story of Nicole Daedonethe founder and conceptual director of sexual wellness company OneTaste, and her drive and desire to help people, which then morphed into a manipulative sex cult.

OneTaste promised 15-minute orgasms using Orgasmic Meditation and built a community that celebrated physical, mental, and spiritual liberation. This documentary casts doubt on the validity of Daedone’s claims, as former members claim far more sinister goings on behind the scenes.

This documentary uses original footage from their live shows, interviews, parties, and counseling sessions, and some have explicit sexual content, so be warned.

As a strong woman, Nicole was an inspiration and persuasive to people, setting a vision and lifestyle that people wanted and needed. You can see in the videos of her courses that she brought people together and gave them the opportunity to explore their sexuality. Then it goes too far, she breaks down boundaries when she tries to combine sexuality and spirituality, resulting in people’s feelings and emotions being manipulated and ignored.

We receive interviews with previous clients, reporters, OneTaste trainers and others who have worked for the company. Hearing these first-class reports, Nicole seemed to transfer her desires and thoughts to the people; psychologically manipulating her to want what she wanted.

For example, someone says he wanted a baby and she manipulated that into having this woman have an hour-long orgasm live in front of everyone. Some of the footage we see shows Nicole performing what appears to be Reiki but with extreme touch is a bit disturbing. There is a demo where Nicole is masturbating in front of people with snakes all around her and people are invited to touch her thigh while this is happening. It’s very intense and almost insane. I felt uncomfortable seeing this.

Something Nicole said is disturbing: “Stopping rape needs to be turned up 100%,” and “Protecting women” makes her a victim, and being “protected” doesn’t make her take responsibility for herself and to take charge of their sexuality. Openly admitting that her father was a child molester and that he would use her as bait opens her eyes to her desperate need for freedom, but can you really believe what she’s saying?

As Daedone grew her cult, she accused men of having sex and performing sexual acts on women with very vague consent, and she shamed the women who would not participate. That’s hard to watch. There is a clip of someone who is clearly being sexually harassed and that was acceptable as Nicole didn’t believe in victimization or rape.

Daedone and her business partner Robert Kandell have been beset by allegations of prostitution, fraud, cult-like behavior and human trafficking, with the company closing its doors in 2018.

What I took away from this documentary is that Nicole was an experienced saleswoman and found it really exciting to sexually control people. This company has taken money and messed with people’s emotions, blurred lines that protect people, made sex mandatory and unsafe, and while they have helped and set some clients free, they have also used and abused many and I’m glad that this institute is closed.

What did you think of the Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste? Comment below. Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste review

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