Out Now: Finding Paradise, Station 117, Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy 2, Roll Player The board game, CarX Street, Brictopia, Shapik: The Moon Quest and more

A new mobile app launched every day and this week we’ve rounded up the biggest new releases on the market. When the App Store took the same time in a week, the games were presented with and again, these games were updated on Thursday. Because of this, developers had a habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or Thursday so they could make the most of the coveted features. These days the App Store is constantly updating, so the need for everyone to have it all on the same day has gone away.

Isotera ($1.99)?

iTunes description

Ever wanted to build a brick city but don’t have the space? Build a city and share by building a city from scratch with each other, skyscrapers, fire stations, taxis if you want build it in Brictopia!

My thread is Brictopia (by Lemur Software)

CarX street (free)

iTunes description

Embrace the open world of CarX Street and enjoy the freedom of being a street racer. Face the obstacles and become the legend of the sunset city. Realistic highway and street racing and high speed drift racing from the maker of CarX Drift Racing 2. Build a car you are looking for with parts tuning to unlock all physics of CarX technology.

Forum: CarX Street (by CarX Technologies)

Finale 5: Survive!

iTunes description

Tik tok 5 MINUTES.Tik tok, can you save the world in just 5 MINUTES? Just try to survive and defeat a boss or die and give the world a second chance. Final 5 is a fast-paced, fun, revival, time survival, adventure, action RPG simulator game with roguelite and roguelike elements. There is no place to hide or run away, survival is your only goal.

Finale 5: Survive! (by IFUN)

Finding Paradise ($3.99).

iTunes description

The second complete episode of “To the Moon”. It follows the life of a new patient, Colin, as he attempts to resolve a relationship that’s split down the middle and fulfill a desire that’s inherently contradictory.

dr Rosalene and Dr. Watts have weird jobs; they give people a new chance in life, always right from the start, but only in the minds of the patients.

Due to the severity of the surgery, the new life is the first thing patients feel better before they catch their breath. This operation was only performed on people on their deathbeds to fulfill what they wished they had done with their lives, but nothing.

Forum Thread: Finding Paradise (by XD Network Inc.)

Pinball Island (extra)

iTunes description

Play pinball while touching the island twice a day. Go ahead.

As simple as playing pinball on a dynamic island is not an easy task!

Relaxation and fun in nature, in this game you can expect to experience a ride of emotions.

Play with your friends for the shortest score.

Infinity Games’ Pathland Island: Forum Thread.

Friendly Honor for Sheirs (free).

iTunes description

Epic fantasy 3D MMORPG of 2022! Click Here To Win 1 Billion Blue Diamonds!

Be the one who must rule the waning medieval reign of Avalon. You will learn a mastery to create the epic hero story.

I’m having a great time!

The cloud of the earth is free.

iTunes description

Warning! Fatal Error: The integrity of the system has been severely compromised.

This is an unprecedented threat to Dolls’ existence. Contrasted with powerful enemies and a dangerous future, the scattered Dolls gnaw gnats in search of a slim hope of redemption.

Mankind may have left them, but as the man in charge of Project Neural Cloud, on Tuesday you lived a great life in the unknown land, beginning the Exiles as hideous servants in meandering puppets. The Exiles will explore the mysteries of the world, put an end to this despair and uncover the truth.

Forum Thread: Neural Cloud (Sponsored by Sunborn Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Roll Player The Board Games for $99.

iTunes description

Design and manipulate dice to create the best fantasy character in the RPG world!

Roll Players is a game in which you compete to create the greatest fantasy character in the roleplaying world.

Forum Thread: Roll Player The Board Game (by Mipmap)

Shapik: The Moon Quest ($1.99).

iTunes description

SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a charming and atmospheric quest set in a nuclear war in a mysterious world.

Moon Quest is a crafting quest. The story is told without meaningless words, only with remarkable animations and exciting music.

Forum – Shapik: The Moon Quest (by Paul Podberezko).

Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy 2 ($9.99)

iTunes description

A simulator called Air Supremacy is a simulator with roots from the original classic hit. The robust combat mechanics, the good balance between simulation and arcade make it accessible to all types of players and allow for a personalized experience with different styles and controls. The single player campaign transports the player into a dark and grim future where supremacy in the air is all that keeps the world balance of power from collapsing. In the 14 missions you face different challenges on different levels of the world. Air and ground, along with the air, in battles.

Forum Thread: Players in Air Supremacy 2 (by Atypical Games)

Stop 117 ()

iTunes description

Station 117 is a random point and click mystery game.

In an undisputed location, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, is Station 117, a secret research facility that conducts research in complete secrecy. Seriously, don’t ask me what they do. Sometimes even those who don’t know know.

So it always goes wrong.

The station, as Jerry Goodman, genius, billionaire, playboy, hobbyist marine biologist, was completely thrown into your head on the station.

Out of your boundless curiosity and, frankly, utter stupidity, you go inside.

Something you discover will change everything.

Forum Thread: Station 117 (by Glitch Games)

Art of the English Language Shown Away (Free).

iTunes description

This mobile game celebrates the 10th anniversary of the SAO anime series and soon the new Sword Art Online Variant Showdown will be here.

When Kirito and his friends are told about a new game called Cross Edge that is likely to cause memory loss in its players, they investigate. However, while playing Cross Edge, they are ambushed by the mysterious presence.

Forum Thread: Sword Arts Online posted by Bandai Namco.

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