Park Visitors Enjoy Yellowstone Bison Fight: “It’s Like Sumo Wrasslin”

There’s nothing quite like taking a family trip to Yellowstone National Park and spending some time in the great outdoors.

Breathe in the fresh air, take in the beautiful sights, and watch 4,000 pounds of pure American muscle battle it out on a street.

As we’ve seen time and time again, bison don’t always pick the best spot for a fight, often holding up traffic on a road while tourists queue to get a picture or video of the epic encounter.

Of course, that’s why a lot of people make the pilgrimage to one of America’s most famous places, but all too often tourists end up in danger because they’re, well, pretty stupid.

Like this guy that was thrown into a treeor this Woman falling flat on her face running away from an attacking bison…

Yes, people can be pretty stupid.

Luckily, in this video everyone stayed away from the bickering bison and we got a great look at two majestic beasts throwing horns.

Immediately after the jump, one of the animals seemed to have the upper hand, pushing the other around and pushing it to the right side of the road.

They stayed locked up for a while and the guy who took the video hit us with an out of nowhere comment which made me laugh

“It’s like sumo wrasslin”

But as I laughed at his comment, the Bison, who had been on the defensive the entire time, found a lever and began pushing the winner clearly across the road to that point, hooves skidding on the tarmac to secure position to keep.

But it was unsuccessful and the excitement ended with the winner claiming the road and the loser panting alone in the scrub.

At the end of the video we see the champion walking towards a herd at the end of the road, presumably the new leader of the pack.

Absolutely amazing stuff always comes out of Yellowstone. It really is a magical place.

Cyclist rides past large herd of bison in Yellowstone National Park

Anyone else waiting for the attack?

No, just me…

bison are relatively docile creatures, especially considering their size and ability to wreak havoc on anything in their path. Make no mistake, they will mow you down if they want to.

And while bison attacks are relatively rare, there’s no shortage of instances where tourists have been charged, thrown in the air and even gored yellowstone.

Luckily for these cyclists, that wasn’t the case here.

In the video you can see a cyclist riding down an absolutely beautiful stretch of road Yellowstone National Parkin Wyoming when he encounters a large herd of bison.

Other cyclists have chosen to stop and take cover in the trees while the bison pass, but our man here. He made the decision to share the road with the bison…hoping they’ll see the road the same way.

“27-year-old Caleb Dvorak rode a bicycle alone on April 9, 2022 in Yellowstone on the Grand Loop Road just meters from 75 bison. No one was hurt and no wildlife was disturbed while filming this video.”

No damage, no foul.

Still, one can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable moving so close to these large, beautiful beasts and moving rapidly towards them.

Something tells me that seeing the other bikers being stopped made Caleb think twice about continuing.

Then again, maybe he was just taking in the scenery…

Definitely a wild encounter.

Yellowstone National Park reopens after flooding

Devastating floods in Yellowstone National Park have washed away roads, bridges and even damage cabins, along with mud and rockfalls that have damaged a number of parts of the park.

Visitors were forced to evacuate for their own safety as every entrance was closed, and park officials noted this can take months for the reopening of some parts of the park.

With that in mind, Yellowstone is now reopening parts of its park on Wednesday, but will only allow a limited number of visitors, it said CNN.

The park said in a statement:

“On Wednesday, June 22 at 8 a.m., Yellowstone National Park will allow visitors access to the park’s southern loop. The South Loop is accessible from the east (Cody), west (West Yellowstone), and south (Grand Teton/Jackson).

Accessible areas include Madison, Old Faithful, Grant Village, Lake Village, Canyon Village and Norris.”

However, park officials use an unusual system to decide which visitors are allowed into the park. For example, vehicles with license plates ending in an odd number are allowed to be visited on odd days of the month, and vehicles with even numbers can drive on even days.

Officials continued:

“Park officials have compromised over 1,000 business owners, park partners, tradespeople and residents in the surrounding Gateway communities to determine how to manage summer visits.”

According to the National Weather Service, Yellowstone received two to three times the typical rainfall in June, with rainfall in northwest Wyoming and southern Montana accounting for over 400% of the average.

The flooding was so severe that the Yellowstone River reached its highest level in over 100 years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Park Visitors Enjoy Yellowstone Bison Fight: “It’s Like Sumo Wrasslin”

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