People Are Going Nuts After Cracker Barrel Advertises New “Impossible” Sausage Made From Plants: “Real Country Folk Ain’t Goin For This S**t”

We all know and love Cracker Barrel for their incredible breakfasts, and now that they serve beer and mimosas there, you can absolutely get rip-sh*t while heading to town on pancakes and bacon.

With that in mind, the good old-fashioned Southern-style restaurant has been trying to expand its menu here in recent years…

And what does part of this new menu include?

We’re talking Impossible Sausage… vegan sausage… AKA it’s all made from PLANTS.

Of course this could be a great option for vegans as they can also enjoy the Cracker Barrel experience.

On the other hand, however, we also have a number of people who want to keep the traditional style that has made Cracker Barrel so unique over the years.

And boy, some of those comments are killer.

Just look at these:

“Are you kidding me? Who do you think your customer base is? I still order the double meat breakfast and it’s not even on the menu anymore.”

“You just lost the customer base, congratulations on waking up and being broke…”

“Sausage CANNOT come from plants. Please Cracker Barrel isn’t going the way of so many others lately. I’m sorry, but real country people don’t go for that shit.”

“Don’t ever try to push that crap my way. Stick to the fundamentals that made your franchise a success.”

“How do we know you’re still serving us real bacon and sausage instead of that stuff? Some of us have soy and wheat allergies.”

“I just lost respect for a once great Tennessee company.”

“Just another reason to avoid Cracker Barrel. Cleanliness is terrible, service has gone downhill and now they make sausage out of plants and seem proud of it.”

“No thanks and no alcohol! We loved the old menu.”

“Good Lord! I thought Cracker Barrel would make more sense!”

“No, I don’t buy any of that plant-meat stuff. I’m just saying the planet will have to wait.”

“Send her back to Gates. We don’t eat at an old country store for bright burgers.”

“What a pot… what’s worse turkey sausage or fake sausage made to look like sausage?” You will all be unemployed in 6 months.”

“Another “sale”! You must be kidding me? Is it April 1st??? fuel up! We will not forget!”

“It will be IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever order this crap!”

“You know what’s impossible? You can no longer get good food with decent service at Cracker Barrel.”

“How can it even be healthy? Imagine all the chemical processes that go into making plants taste and have a texture similar to meat.”

“This is the future we left want. For the domain of all right-wing rednecks to turn against them and force veganism on them. Next, they donate the proceeds to BLM and trans youth. After that we come for Waffle House and Walmart. You have been warned.” People Are Going Nuts After Cracker Barrel Advertises New “Impossible” Sausage Made From Plants: “Real Country Folk Ain’t Goin For This S**t”

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