pivnoypuzec wins the $300K Gtd 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event

888poker Mystery Bounty Festival

The opening Main Event of the 888poker Mystery Bounty Festival ended in spectacular style on March 7th with the crowning of the Main Event Champion. The Main Event had a buy-in of $160 and promised an impressive $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. 888poker delivered it all, with 2,067 players taking part in one of online poker’s biggest mystery bounty tournaments of all time. All of these buy-ins resulted in a $310,050 Prize Pool!

The Mystery Bounties came into play on Day 2 and there were some incredible prizes on offer. No fewer than 20 of the mystery bounty envelopes contained $900, another six were worth $3,000, and there were a pair of $9,000 bounties in the mix. However, all eyes were on the jackpot bounty that counted incredible $30,000!

This gargantuan $30,000 bounty was pulled by none other than Costa Rica “Charles 3.” who eventually finished 14th for $1,248 but took home the best $35,228 of the tournament! PokerNews will be speaking to the $30,000 winner later this week, so stay tuned!

$300,000 Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event Final Table Results

Location player country bonuses Price total price
1 pivnoypuzec Montenegro $3,159 $22,103 $25,262
2 Ibet1X2 Sweden $1,359 $16,133 $17,492
3 2pacnrw16 $7,749 $11,859 $19,609
4 flatterer Germany $679 $8,786 $9,466
5 Anton Tsi Ukraine $3,329 $6,498 $9,827
6 Britiy Lobok Kazakhstan $3,068 $4,849 $7,918
7 Panxetillo Andorra $979 $3,633 $4,612
8th VladRon13 Ukraine $339 $2,752 $3,092
9 Zebest7r Canada $1,829 $2,096 $3,925

With the bounty payments, none of the nine finalists received less than $3,000 for their efforts, each filling their bankrolls with impressive amounts of hard cash. “zebest7r” was the first of the finalists to go broke. They went into the final table with only four big blinds, so their odds of winning were against them. Early in the game, Zebest7r opened for three times the big blind, leaving less than a big blind. from early position with the ace-six of spades. Unfortunately, some of the other players had been dealt strong hands, so the all-in sign was on the wall.

“British Lobok” 3-bet all-in for 22.8 big blinds from middle position with the dominant ace-jack, and “VladRon13” called all in from the button with ace-queen for just under 17 big blinds. Zebest7r called all in and the five community cards came into view. VladRon13 paired her queen on the flop and improved to two pair on the river to send Zebest7r to the rail and leave BritiyLobok with 6.6 big blinds.

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Despite winning that big early pot, VladRon13 was the next player headed for the exits. “Anton Tsi” min-raised from middle position and immediately called when VladRon13 three-bet all in for 22.8 big blinds on the button. VladRon13 turned over pocket jacks, but AntonTsi was left with a pair of aces in the hole! Those aces held and VladRon13 played no further part in the $300,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event.

Seventh place and $4,612 went to “panxetillo” from Andorra. They min-raised with ace-ten of spades from the cutoff and Sweden “Ibet1X2” hit her 46 blind stack from the big blind with pocket sevens. Panxetillo called the 14 big blinds he was in and it was time for the races. A nine-high board was no help to Panxetillo, and they headed for the exits.

BritiyLobok never recovered from losing that huge pot at the final table before, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she was eliminated in sixth place. “2pacnrw16” moved all in from the small blind with ace-king and BritiyLobok called his six big blind stack with queen-nine of clubs. An ace on the flop and another on the turn reduced the player count by one and gave 2pacnrw16 a $3,000 bounty.

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The last five became four when AntonTsi busted after a clash with 44 big blinds “pinvoypuzec” didn’t go according to plan. AntonTsi min-raised from the cut with pocket tens, Pinvoypuzec 3-bet to eight big blinds with Ace-King, only for AntonTsi to move all-in for a total of 44 big blinds! pinvoypuzec called and it was a huge coin flip for the chip leader. An ace on the turn broke AntonTsi.

of Germany “scolder” managed to double their short stack to 12 big blinds, but they were still the next player to move away from the final table. They were eliminated in a battle of the blinds when Pinvoypuzek raised all in from the small blind with 9-7 and Schimpfer called his 11.3 big blind stack with king-jack. A seven on the flop was enough to leave Schimpfer without chips.

The three-player game lasted almost an hour and ended with 2pacnrw16 being eliminated. Ibet1X2 raised three times the big blind with king-jack of clubs from the small blind, 2pacnrw16 moved all in for 20.7 big blinds with ace-ten of diamonds and Ibet1X2 called. Ibet1X2 flopped a jack and flipped a king, but the turn brought two diamonds onto the board. The river was an offsuit ace, which wasn’t enough to keep the Mystery Bounty Main Event from going heads-up.

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That hand gave Ibet1X2 an 85.2 big blind to 18.2 big blind lead over Pinvoypuzec, and it looked like the Main Event title would go to Sweden. However, Pinvoypuzec had other ideas and launched an impressive comeback. Pinvoypuzec equalized when ace-six held against queen-jack, and from that point they started pushing forward.

The last hand was a bit cooler. pinvoypuzec raised to 2.1 big blinds with pocket sixes and Ibet1X2 called with eight-six. The flop came 6-ace-ace, giving Pinvoypuzec a full house. Ibet1X2 check-called a min-bet. The turn was an eight, making Ibet1X2 a very expensive second best pair of two. They check-called a bet of 3.5 big blinds. A jack on the river saw Ibet1X2 check again. Pinvoypuzec moved all in for 14.8 big blinds and Ibet1X2 couldn’t find a fold and therefore went out in second place for a total of $17,492, making Pinvoypuzec the champion of the tournament and taking down $25,262!

Complete results of the Mystery Bounty Festival

The 30 numbered events and the Main Event attracted almost 34,000 participants and paid out more than $1.2 million, which is a phenomenal result. Check out the full results of the festival and remember that 888poker is still the only online poker site where you can do this Play a Mystery Bounty tournament every day of the week!

case Buy Participant Pool price champion Price
MB Festival 01 $11 2,581 $25,810 For1k $2,282
MB Festival 02 $55 932 $50,000 Savchenko1. $5,503
MB Festival 03 $109 1,032 $120,000 Leofoliveira $10,811
MB Festival 04 $11 1,488 $15,000 Samdion1996 $1,559
MB Festival 05 $109 176 $17,600 i love pickles $2,333
MB Festival 06 $22 746 $15,000 Aurelian3p $1,921
MB Festival 07 $320 97 $29,100 Escabofildo $6,409
MB Festival 08 $22 820 $16,400 Dvingminator $2,016
MB Festival 09 $109 234 $23,400 WestCliff26 $6,795
MB festival 10 $55 434 $21,700 MachadadaRS $2,928
MB Festival 11 $5.50 1.147 $6,000 boyrom $538
MB Festival 12 $55 469 $23,450 vsmithc413 $2,774
MB Festival 13 $11 2,374 $23,740 capableJ $2,555
MB Festival 14 $55 1,074 $53,700 JovemNerd94 $6,126
MB Festival 15 $5.50 2,298 $15,000 genstorm $1,542
MB Festival 16 $11 1,387 $15,000 Betbur18 $1,960
MB Festival 17 $109 179 $17,900 fanatmalini $4,012
MB Festival 18 $109 1,820 $182,000 Whatever $16,848
MB Festival 19 $55 380 $20,000 a1esana $2,997
MB Festival 20 $5.50 1.305 $6,525 DanGherghi $693
MB Festival 21 $11 1,451 $15,000 Turkovisk $1,660
MB Festival 22 $109 156 $15,600 dima.morari $4,082
MB Festival 23 $55 407 $20,350 stvD1981 $2,245
MB Festival 24 $5.50 1.301 $6,505 EuVFT12 $654
MB Festival 25 $55 429 $21,450 Barto7907 $3,557
MB Festival 26 $11 2,297 $22,970 Satosampa $2,002
MB Festival 27 $55 964 $50,000 Walkeer_Boh $7,474
MB Festival 28 $5.50 2,294 $15,000 teumarca $1,238
MB Festival 29 $11 1,361 $15,000 jonny1133 $1,251
MB Festival 30 $109 190 $19,000 guitaradent1 $3,383

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