Questlove Has 500 Open Tabs

“My friends don’t like me when I go into journalist mode.” Ahmir Khalib Thompson, the multi-hyphens known professionally as search love, admits with a sigh. It’s just after nine at the Wythe Hotel and he’s just aired the second season of his YouTube series with The Balvenie. Search for crafts, This seems to be the best excuse Questlove has found to get curious about its talented friends and their creative processes. Including the interview partners of the last year Patti Smith and Malcolm Gladwell; This fall, the six-time Grammy winner talks shop Mark RonsonMisty CopelandFran Lebowitz and Kenan Thompson.

It’s just one of many many Records Questlove, 51, spins amid a career that keeps redefining what it means to be a Renaissance man: playing the drums with The Roots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, celebrates the Oscar he won for his film for Best Documentary earlier this spring summer of the soul, and managing ventures in directing, podcasting, writing, record production, DJing, public speaking, culinary entrepreneurship, TV development, and music grants. Questlove’s own creative process is endlessly complicated, I believe. He shares with me his secret to running it (and its seven managers) as Yes’s self-confessed captain: “Three words and it sounds so hoity toity, but I had to invest in a chief of staff.” Who juggles so much definitely opened up some interesting tabs – hundreds or so, it turns out.

To the vanity fairIn its new question-and-answer series, Internet Diet, Questlove jumps back into the interviewee’s shoes to deliciously talk about their digital habits, their favorite websites, and what sounds like a pretty foolproof way to ward off unnecessary distractions speak. The resulting conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.

vanity fair: Okay, your Quest with Craft YouTube series goes live today, which begs the question: What to do? she watch on youtube?

Quest Love: The most common search term I type in every day is “rare concert”. When we record The Tonight Show, it’s anywhere from an hour to a 90 minute affair. So if I see any… don’t sluggish Activity, but you know, on the bandstand, I put on a rare song or concert. Something that will wake her up, like “What the hell is that?”

Where on the internet do you look for inspiration or entertainment?

There is this new website called Gaia. Since 2020 I’m really obsessed with this guy named dr Joe Dispenza. He’s probably the best at explaining how to get out of your head. People like me tend to think too much and chase our tails in circles, and he’s just king when it comes to explaining the power of breathwork.

When I’m not looking at him, there’s a woman named Barbara Handclow. I am very interested in Interstellar; I know we are not alone in this atmosphere. She’s really a big fan of extraterrestrial activity and interplanetary things like that. I’m really big on the Afrofuturistic kind of studies of the stars and whatnot. Between Joe Dispenza and Barbara Hand Clow on the Gaia website, that’s my milk and honey right now.

Ah, I wanted to ask if you use meditation apps.

I started with Calm, but now I’m just getting down to business. And Gaia is probably the mother vein of all of these things.

Are you a TikTok guy?

You know what? I have an account. The woman who gave me my first commercial maybe 25 years ago, she’s one of the senior executives there and wants me to DJ on TikTok now. I have yet to write my first post. But one of my managers is obsessed with animal TikTok. So she always sends me cat and dog videos.

If you find a long video or article online but don’t have the time to engage with it right away, how do you remember it for later?

One of the ways that Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how important meditation is that our bodies are like MacBook Pros. If you go on Safari or Google Chrome, you have tons of windows open, and the whole point of meditation is to close those windows, shut down, restart, and come back.

If you’re wondering how much of a sentimental hoarder I am, well, I didn’t realize there was a limit to how many windows you can open in Safari. The answer is 500. Mainly because I’m obsessed with keeping a record of all my failed Wordle attempts. I’m in a very competitive wordle thread group right now.

Still going strong with Wordle?

Oh God. After doing my morning routine, I usually look at the wordle thread first. The level of their complaints will tell me if it’s a double word or if there’s an X or a K. It’s like two actresses, a senior news reporter for MSNBC, a drummer and two managers, but we’re not our jobs. We’re just Wordle nerds. Questlove Has 500 Open Tabs

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