Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 2 Summary


rain dogs remains just as funny and dark as Costello’s aspirations serve to manipulate and exploit her.

This recap of Rain Dog’s Season 1 Episode 2, “Scenes from a Crucifixion” contains spoilers.

As a writer, let me tell you that being a writer is often awful. It’s a thankless profession, it wreaks havoc on your lower back, and you’re doomed to despise every word you’ve ever written the second it’s published. I don’t know what kind of writer Costello wants to be rain dogs – one that appears to be subjectively reporting the truth using fictional devices – but the above seems to be the least of their problems anyway.

Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 2 Summary

Will Costello’s article be published?

At least Costello and Iris aren’t homeless. But their potential future doesn’t look too bright. Costello’s literary dreams seem increasingly unlikely at this point, especially at the end of Scenes from a Crucifixion, where her aspirations are used to manipulate and ridicule her. Although she gets at least a little date out of the whole affair.

To be fair to Costello, Sophie Fenster, a journalist from the London informant, provided a good selling point. She had read some of Costello’s previous articles and offered to pay her to write one about the peep show she works on; A crackhead traipsing the room by the window next door somehow emphasizes why she was dying to find her big break and get out of there. Of course it’s a trick. Sophie writes the article in her own words and turns it into a seedy interview with a proud sex worker who isn’t afraid to use her body to pay the bills.

Luckily Selby buys all the copies of the newspaper and the two sit and mourn their lives before finally dousing the rags with alcohol and setting them alight. Costello stays sober, perhaps against her better judgment.

Why was Selby in prison?

Speaking of Selby, he spends most of the episode playing mahjong with Iris at a fairly illegal gambling den, but we get snippets of his fatherly relationship with the child; He lies to her about where he’s been, he buys her and Costello Chinese food for dinner, and he throws Gloria and her new boyfriend Paul out so they don’t distract Costello from writing. Of course he doesn’t take his probationary support group for violent offenders seriously, but you can’t have everything, right?

While we still don’t know exactly what Selby did to take down a guest of His Majesty’s Government, we can deduce that he a) defended Costello and b) whatever he did was violent. We’ve seen him hit someone before episode 1so these tracks.

How does Gloria meet Paul?

Incidentally, Paul meets Gloria at her work, a family-run funeral home, where she cleans up the bodies for the sake of her loved ones. However, a conversation with her father implies that she is not always as responsible about her duties as she should be, and this trend continues when Paul comes in to mourn his father and ends up sitting Gloria on his lap. It’s not exactly the kind of romantic date night you’d tell the grandkids about.

At the end of Scenes from a Crucifixion, Costello is fired from the peep show, but outside is Richard, the photographer from the peep show London informantOut of solidarity with her, she burns a copy of the latest issue and invites her for a coffee. Why not at this point?

You can stream Rain Dog’s Season 1 Episode 2 Scenes from a Crucifixion exclusively on HBO and HBO Max.

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