“Rampage” wins $500,000 playing poker, “Nik Airball” loses $760,000 at Hustler Casino Live

Rampage Poker Hustler Casino live

Ethan “Rampage” Yauwho won the best $523,000 of his cash game career made a sick hero call with ace-high to win a huge pot Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot during Friday night Hustler Casino Live Electricity.

It was a night to remember for Yau and a night to remember for Airball, who lost a significant chunk of his previous $1.1 million in HCL winnings, according to the website TrackingPoker.com.

Arcot lost $759,200 on Friday, about half of it from two hands – both failed to bluff attempts Stanley Choi and yau. Things didn’t go well for the HCL regular player at first, but then he picked up speed for a short time. And then he bluffed quite a bit from Choi.

In this hand, on a board of {2-spades}{k-diamonds}{j-hearts}{10 clubs}Airball bet $30,000 with Squadoosh, or {7-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}. Choi, hold {a clubs}{j-diamonds} for the second pair, was not a believer and made the call. With $80,000 in the pot, the {2-Diamonds} paired the board on the river. Nik Airball couldn’t possibly win at the showdown, so he decided to overbet a massive $165,000. That put Choi in the tank for a few minutes before making the call to grab a $410,000 pot.

Poker vlogger makes epic hero call

Rampage also took a few off Airball in a separate hand in what was arguably the most memorable pot of the night. Yau raised to $2,000 from the cut-off with {a-hearts}{k-diamonds} before airball 3-bet to $10,000 from the straddle with {a-diamonds}{3 spades}. Big Slick wasn’t going anywhere, so they called.

The flop came out {q-spade}{2-Diamonds}{q-hearts} and the preflop aggressor led for $6,000 and was called again. If that {q-diamonds} hit the turn and Airball raked in another bet, this time for $30,000. Once again his opponent called with ace-high to see this {8-Diamonds} on the river. Knowing that ace-rag wasn’t going to be enough to win at showdown, he fired one last bet, and it was a big one – $110,000. Within about two seconds, Rampage called with a better ace-high and took down the $313,000 pot.

“Oh my god. How do you call with ace-high?” asked a frustrated Nik Airball, following the hand.

Rampage, one of the most popular poker vlogger in history, Nik would continue to punish Airball and the entire table for the rest of the night. He booked a $523,000 win in the session, his biggest cash game win of all time. However, Yau’s greatest overall poker score was $894,240 when he won the a $25,000 high rollers in December WPT World Championship series at Wyn Las Vegas.

Ahead of Friday night’s show, Rampage made a profit of $89,000 Hustler Casino Live in 15 sessions. The win couldn’t have come at a better time for the live stream regular. He had recently written a blog entry about a $400,000 downswing since the Wynn score.

Bold strategy, cotton

bill small poker

While Rampage was the biggest winner on the felt, but the Bravest performance of the evening price goes on Bill Kleinwho had the guts to become just the second No. 1 seed in NCAA tournament history on the day his beloved Boilermakers were decked out in Purdue University gear, beating a No. 16 seed – Farliegh Dickinson University – lost.

Not only that, Klein wore the Purdue attire throughout the session, even after becoming aware of his team’s pathetic performance. Purdue (29-6), the regular-season and tournament winner of the Big Ten Conference, was a 17-point favorite against a 21-15 team that seemingly had virtually no chance to pull off the upset, but somehow they managed to win the first round matchup 63-58 in one of the most shocking games in NCAA tournament history.

Despite the historic loss, Klein had the courage to show up dressed to support his team and deserves props for doing so. Unlike his boilermakers, Friday’s high-stakes poker regular won — $53,600 — perhaps a small consolation for him.

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