Republican Thinks She Won Her House Race, Then a Recount Overturns the Race for the Dem by 10 Votes

If the 2022 midterm elections taught Americans anything, it’s that every vote counts.

That lesson comes after many political races have come down to just a handful of votes or fewer — and now another Democrat has clinched a win after a recount.

Sarah Keitt, the Democratic nominee for the state’s 134th House district who previously conceded against Republican Meghan McCloat, won her seat in the Connecticut state congressman race by just 10 votes, the Trumball Times reported.

The Keitt campaign released a statement after the trial concluded, noting that the result “demonstrates the truth of the statement ‘every vote counts'”.

In fact, it was for Keitt. On election day, she trailed McCloat by 113 votes, according to preliminary results, the Connecticut Post reported.


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Keitt called her GOP opponent around 10 p.m. to concede the race, although she claimed to have later found out there were uncounted absentee votes.

“I’m going by what I’ve been told,” Keitt said. “If a recount is triggered, then a recount is triggered.”

Now Keitt has been declared the winner and McCloat has filed a complaint with the state Elections Enforcement Commission alleging misconduct by Fairfield Democratic electoral roll Matthew Waggner, according to the Trumbull Times.

A statement from McCloat’s campaign, posted to Facebook on Thursday, explained that the filing contained “certified moderator documents and testimony from poll workers and other elected officials who participated in vote counting” and that Waggner violated “multiple” state laws.

Do you trust elections in America?

“Alleged violations include unnecessary printing of photocopied ballots, improper chain of custody of official ballots, misrepresentation on certificates and returns, improper voter counting without the presence of an official moderator, and tampering with ballots, among other violations,” the statement said.

“These violations, if confirmed, carry criminal penalties and should be investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.”

The statement went on to explain how the counting of mail-in ballots kept yielding additional votes and even included a ballot that could not be verified and which, as per protocol, was delivered in a sealed envelope.

“Each vote should be counted within the confines of written records. We need to ensure that people’s voices are accurately represented and that legal process is followed,” McCloat said.

“I have serious concerns about Mr. Waggner’s actions. Too many discrepancies and inconsistencies have cast doubt on this electoral process,” she added.


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“Regardless of the outcome of this election, the compromised integrity of the process is something that every candidate from every party should be deeply concerned about. Misconduct in the electoral process is a threat to democracy everywhere,” McCloat said.

Waggner’s email response to the revelations was that he “would wait until he sees the complaint before commenting on it,” but confirmed some ballots were shelved due to problems with hand-counting machines, the Trumbull Times reported.

“The election campaigns were well aware of this, since the polling stations were closed on election night,” continued Waggner.

“These were mostly mail-in ballots that we had trouble tabbing into because of the creases, and they came mostly from the Mill Hill area, which was overseen by a Republican moderator,” he claimed.

Mail voting, mail voting and machine troubles have plagued the vote count and somehow tend to break for Democrats when the dust settles.

In another Connecticut race, Democrat Chris Poulos beat Republican Tony Morrison in a one-vote recount, turning Southington’s 81st house district from red to blue, the Hartford Courant reported.

In the New Hampshire state legislature race, Democrat Maxine Mosley beat Republican Larry Gagne by one vote during a recount that suspiciously stole an equal number of votes from the other Republican running in the same county.

A notable exception to the rule, however, came when Democrat and Planned Parenthood darling Karma Metzler Fitzgerald thought she had won the House District 26, Seat B in Idaho until a bug was fixed that gave GOP Jack Nelsen the final lead of got 84 votes.

Perhaps it is coincidence that so many races are decided by so few votes.

Perhaps it’s human or machine error that seems to skew the preliminary results and give the appearance of Democrat fumbling.

Regardless of the occasion, the fact remains that every single vote counts in these close elections.

Now more than ever, Americans need to get involved in politics, from the proverbial dog catcher races to the proverbial dog catcher races.

Local politicians have the greatest impact on the lives of their constituents, but many people are so distracted by the sexy national races, full of drama and intrigue, that they forget that fact.

Meanwhile, the amount of taxes they pay, the curriculum their children learn, and the types of cities or towns that become their local areas are all within the purview of local politicians.

National politics matter, but local politics will have the greatest impact on our daily lives – and sometimes a single vote matters. Republican Thinks She Won Her House Race, Then a Recount Overturns the Race for the Dem by 10 Votes

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