Republicans’ Election Denier Caucus Got Bigger in the Midterms

In many ways, the midterms were a powerful — and unexpected — rebuke donald trump and the anti-democratic forces he unleashed in American politics. Not only did his hand-picked candidates perform poorly in their competitions, leaving him angry and humiliated, but the Democrats dramatically exceeded expectations and prevented the Republicans-prognosticated “red wave” from rising on Capitol Hill and several key statewide races. “Our democracy has been tested in recent years,” President said Joe Biden told reporters in a news conference on Wednesday. “But with their voices, the American people spoke and proved once again that democracy is who we are.”

But the news on Tuesday wasn’t all good, of course. More than 200 Republicans who either flirted with or fully embraced Trump’s 2020 election lies won their races this week, including more than 180 in the House of Representatives and at least a dozen in the Senate, according to a New York Times Analysis. This expanded Big Lie Caucus on Capitol Hill will include Ohio’s Senator-elect JD Vancewho defeats Tim Ryan after spending his campaign snuggling up to a man he once claimed could be “America’s Hitler” — including mimicking his “stolen” election conspiracy theories. “We had an enormous effort to postpone that [2020 election] by very powerful people in this country,” Vance said earlier this year. “I don’t care if you say it’s tampered with, if you say it’s stolen… I’ll say what I’ll say about that.”

If Republicans reverse control of the House of Representatives — even by a very small margin, as they are estimating — this growing group of 2020 election skeptics will wield outsized power in Congress. Per the Times, more than two dozen newly elected members of the Republican House of Representatives specifically said the last presidential election was stolen or rigged, and more than 20 re-elected incumbents have been just as vocal in their anti-Democratic stance. Far-right members of the House of Representatives are reportedly already planning ways to use their numbers against the Republican House leadership. That could mean a number of things for the next Congress: a vote to impeach Biden? Endless political investigations? Nothing shines off the table.

Not only have electoral deniers won national races; There were also some notable nationwide victories, including some that placed anti-democratic figures in positions of power over electoral systems. Take Indiana, which just voted Steve Banon-supports Diego Morales become his new Secretary of State. After a primary win over the incumbent Republican Holly Sullivanwhom he criticized for not being vocal enough about alleged fraud in the 2020 election, Morales defeated the Democrat fountain of fate. He calls the 2020 election a “fraud”. He will now oversee the 2024 state election. “The truth always prevails,” Morales told supporters during his victory speech on Tuesday. “Let me say it again: the truth always prevails.”

Democrats and other pro-democracy Americans have been rightly pleased with the results of the midterms so far. But the election hardly wiped out voter deniers. At the very least, it reiterated that it will remain a force in our politics for years to come. How strong it ends up might depend on how some undecided races — including Arizona, which is sure to be a 2024 swing state — shake off. Republicans’ Election Denier Caucus Got Bigger in the Midterms

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