Rock Climber Narrowly Escapes Death After Bear Attacks Him On Side Of A Mountain

This is absolutely humbling to watch.

I couldn’t imagine being in this guy’s shoes…

I mean, first of all… I can’t even imagine freely climbing a mountainside, one false move away from death, but throwing a bear into the mix? Forget it…

Imagine you’re an avid rock climber, just get out there and do one of the things you love on a beautiful day in the mountains until it’s almost the day you meet your maker.

I guarantee you, that’s exactly the thought that crossed this climber’s mind during this horrific situation.

This climber recently filmed his ascent of Mt. Futago in Chichibu City, Japan, and as he was descending the slope of the mountain, he looked up to see a bear staring straight into his eyes.

You can hear the horror in his voice as he yells and the bear rushes at him in full attack mode.

It looks like the bear tried to bite the guy, but the climber was able to knock him off before he was bitten, sending the bear onto the ledge below him.

The bear wasn’t done yet though as he was about to tumble back up the hill at the guy’s feet, but he was able to kick the bear again several times before finally giving up and running the other way.

At the end of the fight, the bear appears to have been just as frightened, as you can hear it howling as it runs off into the distance.

The footage shows a bear cub walking by looking for its mother, meaning the bear was probably nothing more than a mother bear protecting her cub. But still, you wouldn’t want to meet a mama bear anywhere… let alone on a mountainside.

Needless to say, I can imagine this guy counting his prayers as he continued to climb down…then probably having to switch drawers when he got to the bottom

He explains his reaction in the video’s caption:

“Instead of fear, I switched to feeling like I had no choice but to face him if it was coming… keep yelling and intimidating, hammer fist pounding, front kick.

Looking back at the video, it seems the bear attacked me to protect the cub. I entered bear territory, but since they attacked me, I used self-defense.

I learned karate as a kid, but now I liked mixed martial arts, so maybe I could use hammer fists instead of punches.”

My God…

Listen: Rock Climber Narrowly Escapes Death After Bear Attacks Him On Side Of A Mountain

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