Ron DeSantis Has Confused Floridians Arrested in Yet Another Disturbing Political Stunt

In 2022, anyone who wants to rise to the top echelons of the Republican Party needs to prove they’re a really bad piece of shit. Few people understand this better than Ron DeSantis, who seemingly wakes up every morning and wonders, “Whose life am I going to ruin today?” How donald trump, the governor of Florida clearly takes deep pride in being a bully; He’s bullied Special Olympics, he bullies teachers, he bullies trans kids, he bullies literally anyone who disagrees with him. In the words of one of his college teammates, “Ron is the most selfish person I’ve ever dealt with. He has always loved to embarrass and humiliate people. I speak for others – he was the biggest ass we knew.”

Most recently, DeSantis was in the news for a cheap political stunt in which Venezuelan migrants were lured onto planes that they were told were going to Boston and then dropped off on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard so the governor at Fox News got a few points and other people who think it’s okay to literally treat people like movable property. Now new details about a separate stunt he pulled off over the summer reveal the truly terrifying extent this guy will go in his quest for power.

Body cam footage obtained from the Tampa Bay Times, released Tuesday, gives a never-before-seen look at the Aug. 18 arrests conducted by Florida’s newly formed Office of Election Crimes and Security. During a press conference DeSantis held the same day to boast about his work tackling suspected voter fraud, he told reporters that more than a dozen people had been arrested for illegal voting in the 2020 election, warning, “This is the opening salvo.”

In the clips, the arrested Floridians, who now face up to five years in prison, appear utterly surprised and confused as to why they are being handcuffed. Romana Oliver was going to work when cops showed up at her home before 7am and said they were arresting her for voter fraud. “Voter fraud?” She answered. “I voted, but I do not commit fraud.” Tony Patterson, who was arrested outside his Tampa home asked, “What’s wrong with this state, man?”

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The 19 people arrested that day in August — at least 13 of them are dead, according to the Tampa Bay Times— have all been accused of violating a state law that doesn’t automatically allow people convicted of murder or sex offenses to vote after serving their sentence. (While a 2018 amendment to the state constitution restored voting rights for many felons, this group was not included.) And, like that Tampa Bay Times Remarks:

… the change and subsequent action by state legislatures created much confusion about who was eligible, and the state’s voter registration forms offer no clarity. They only require a potential voter to swear, under penalty of perjury, that they are not a criminal or, if they are, that their rights have been restored. The forms do not make it clear that those with murder convictions will not have their rights automatically restored.

Obviously, DeSantis decided to use this confusion for his own political gain.

In an interview, Oliver’s lawyer said, Markus Rankin, told the Tampa Bay Times He believes the governor’s election security forces targeted people because the public would have no sympathy for someone convicted of sex crimes or murder. “This is no coincidence,” Rankin said of DeSantis’ decision to mention the arrested persons’ criminal records during his press conference. “It’s a political strategy.”

As he drove Patterson to jail, one of the officers expressed surprise at the charges. On the phone, he told an unidentified person on the other line, “I’ve never seen these charges before in my entire life.” Ron DeSantis Has Confused Floridians Arrested in Yet Another Disturbing Political Stunt

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