Russia Just Gave Itself Massive Levels of Power

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday declared martial law in the four Ukrainian regions Russia annexed last month.

With this martial law, Putin gave the governors of Russia’s new territories emergency powers in Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhia, the Associated Press reported.

While Putin did not specifically outline the martial law measures or the parameters of the emergency powers he has granted, he announced they would come into effect on Thursday.

“Now we need to formalize this regime within the framework of Russian legislation. Therefore, I signed a decree introducing martial law in these four subjects of the Russian Federation,” Putin said in a televised national address, NBC News reported.

Whether the annexation of Ukrainian territory was legitimate is still a matter of controversy.


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Russia held referenda in the four regions, but many in the international community, as well as in Ukraine, said they were illegitimate because they involved voter intimidation to achieve what some called a predetermined outcome, NBC News reported.

Putin’s new statement seems to give Russia even more power over the regions.

The upper house of the Russian parliament supported Putin’s decision and approved accompanying legislation.

The AP reported that legislation for the declaration of martial law could potentially limit travel and gatherings and give law enforcement more authority.

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Putin’s order gave law enforcement agencies three days to develop plans and defense forces in the four annexed regions, the AP reported.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the text of the law published on a government website, reported that Putin’s martial law declaration gives Moscow-backed local authorities the power to enforce detention of people for up to 30 days, curfews, forced relocations and the internment of citizens from Ukraine and more.

Putin’s televised remarks before the Security Council about declaring martial law presented his move as necessary to protect Russia in the current war, the AP reported.

“We are working to solve very difficult, large-scale tasks to ensure the security and secure future of Russia and to protect our people,” Putin said.

“Those who are on the front lines or training at shooting ranges and training centers should feel our support and know that they have our great, great country and our united people at their backs,” he added, according to the AP.


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The decision to impose martial law comes after a week of particularly heated fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces, NBC reported.

Meanwhile, the imposition of martial law is already being described by some in Ukraine as a decision of repression.

The Kyiv Independent, which offers English-language coverage of Ukraine, tweeted that Putin’s statement was just an attempt to quash anyone who disagreed with the regions’ annexation.

“State Department: Martial Law ‘Issued’ in Occupied Territories to Suppress Local Resistance. Russia’s latest move is aimed at “quelling the resistance of residents opposing Russian occupation” in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts, the ministry said,” the Kyiv Independent tweeted.

Others on Twitter compare Putin to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in his handling of the annexed regions.

“This whole decree screams WW2 cosplay. To paraphrase what an esteemed Russian political scientist, Kirill Rogov, said recently – in February Putin was cosplaying 1945, now he is cosplaying 1941. Putin is trying to be Stalin, Bulganin and Zhukov together,” tweeted political analyst Aleksandar Djokic.

Meanwhile, other Russian officials have explained this decision and other steps the Russian government is taking as protective, defensive decisions.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said the Security Council would continue to support Russia’s military efforts by providing equipment, technology, transportation and construction supplies, the Journal reported. Russia Just Gave Itself Massive Levels of Power

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