Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Summary


Loose Threads of the Past is a slight improvement over the previous installments and actually offers some intriguing moments. While the series is still agonizingly slow, it just fills in information on the unnecessarily long episodes.

We recap Hulu series Saint X Season 1 Episode 6, Loose Threads of the Past, which contains spoilers.

Hulu’s crime series Saint X divides time into three different timelines. Loose Threads of the Past further explores these intertwined subplots.

In the present, Emily (Alycia Debnam Carey) continues her nervous breakdown and breaks up in front of her family. In the past, Alison (West Duchovny) seeks excitement and culture. And in the other timeline, Alison’s family is trying to move on with her life.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Summary

The episode begins with a press conference by the island police. They fired the detective on Alison’s case because he mismanaged the investigation. The island apologizes to Alison’s parents but sticks to her story.

Parents The invoice And billion are back in New York after their traumatic hell vacation. Mia spends her days crying and preparing for Alison’s funeral. While on the phone, Bill desperately hopes that his investigators will solve the case. Claire stays in the thick of it, emotionally abandoned and lost in all this grief.

Wherever the family goes, they are met with pity and Alison’s fall. The parents are afraid Claire’s The tics also get worse. They want to save her from this tragedy. They decide to move to the other side of the country, to California, to start a new life.

Why is Claire changing her name?

Bill wants to try teaching and Mia suggests they start gardening. They want Claire to try new things too. In this mood, Claire decides to change her name. She goes by her middle name, Emily, marking this new beginning and a new beginning for the daughter.

In the current timeline, Emily continues to unravel. She lost her job and her friendship Sunita. We accompany her while she tidies up her apartment obsessively. Emily apologizes to Sunita over the phone, but the friend is concerned. Emily needs professional help again.

Emily wants to know what was inside gogos letter though. She follows the man in his apartment and almost breaks into his house. Her boyfriend josh is also concerned. He finds her at home during working hours. Emily has to admit that she was fired.

However, Josh still believes she is having an affair. He confronts her about the taxi driver. Emily insists she isn’t cheating on Josh. But he knows she’s hiding something. He threatens to end the relationship even though he is fully aware that she lied to him.

Emily promises to tell him everything tonight, although they initially planned to have dinner with Emily’s parents.

Meanwhile, Gogo’s room is searched by a roommate. He thinks Gogo stole his money.

Just before dinner, Josh challenges Emily again. He spoke to Sunita; he knows about her machinations with Gogo. Josh can’t believe Emily would interact with her sister’s killer. However, their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Emily’s parents.

What happens at dinner with Emily’s parents?

The food goes well; The parents say they are proud of Emily. But she can’t keep her calm for too long. Emily admits she lost her job and no longer sees her therapist. She’s not doing very well. Emily confesses that she needs to know what happened to Alison and blames her parents for abandoning the investigation.

Emily’s parents defend themselves, claiming that the investigation is driving them crazy. Emily thinks her bad upbringing ruined her. She never had a chance to express herself or grieve properly. Emily storms off before the parents can reply.

The parents are hurt by Emily’s comments and worried about their daughter. Emily tells Josh that she won’t stop investigating until she solves this murder. She needs to know the truth.

In the final timeline, before Alison’s death, the teenager continues to date Edwin. She asks him to show her some of the island’s culture; She wants to escape the resort for once. desmond agrees to organize a trip for Alison, but her family refuses to go along.

Saint X season 1 episode 6 ending explained

Olivia accidentally tells it Tyler about Alison and Edvin. Tyler confronts Alison and is furious that he was outplayed. He gets pretty angry and tells Alison that she’s nothing special. Edwin sleeps with a new girl every week.

Upset, Alison cries in the toilet. She is comforted dana, which confirms that Alison is special. That cheers up the teenager a bit.

dana’s husband, ethaneHe continues to be obsessed with Alison. He steals her cardigan. Dana tells him to grow up and mentions the many other sexual offenses she has endured. Elsewhere, Desmond confronts him Sara about what he overheard and asks if Edwin has feelings for her.

Back in the present, Gogo looks through his letter. Gogo’s roommate demands his money back, which ends in a fight on the street. Of course, Emily is a witness to this argument. Gogo beats the man in an alley. Here Emily realizes that Gogo is capable of murder after all.

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