See season 3, episode 5 recap – “The House of Enlightenment”


The previous episode promised an exciting battle between good and evil, but instead viewers are left with cliched dialogue and uninspiring fight sequences. “The House of Enlightenment” feels like a rather forgotten fill-in episode.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series See Recap of Season 3 Episode 5, “The House of Enlightenment” contains spoilers.

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At the end of the previous installment, See promised an almighty battle between the gang of Baba Voss and Tormada’s army. However, those expecting an explosive fight will be deeply disappointed as the show continues to build expectations and then squanders that momentum, seemingly delivering none of that excitement. In The House of Enlightenment, Baba Voss’ team barricade themselves in readiness for battle while Tormada, Trovere, and Harlan plot outside.

See Season 3 Episode 5 recap

The episode begins with Lucien questioning Sibeth upon her sudden arrival. She escaped her captors and roamed the woods just days before, but now she wants to reassert herself as queen to lead this witch-seeker army into battle. Justifiably tired, Lucien explains that she has cheated on her before. What is to stop them from doing the same thing again? Sibeth apologizes for causing them pain and suffering, but blames Maghra’s enchantment for tampering with her decisions. She gives quite a big speech and declares herself her queen, destined by God to rule over her. She wants to fight at their side, ready for the war to come. Lucien’s army seems happy to comply.

Meanwhile, Tormada’s army reports and forces the people of Baba Voss to barricade themselves in Sheva’s house. Tormada is informed that many guards have been killed but the bombs are safe. Tormada asks to speak to his opposition and Sheva replies, then Ranger and finally Baba Voss. As this scathing conversation falters, Captain Armagon is dispatched to find the escaped sighted children. Tormada needs the sighted children to build these bombs, without them they cannot continue to build the dangerous weapons to conquer empires.

Tormada tries to play mind games with Baba Voss and they decide to prepare for battle instead of listening to his convincing words any longer. The good guys line the floors with broken slabs and set traps around the building. What follows is a jaded battle sequence as the unnamed soldiers enter the building and are silently picked up by Baba and Ranger. Sheva shoots a few with her gun, Haniwa uses a bow and arrow. Then Kofun kills some of the soldiers in a flooded room. It’s an average fight that doesn’t feel inventive or inspirational at all, as Baba’s team crushes an army of soldiers with ease.

Sensing the futility, Tormada leaves with his men and the precious bombs. Those still outside the building are then killed by Harlan’s secret army, led by Guntar. Trovere realizes the double crossing way too late and attacks Harlan. He regretfully kills Ambassador Trovere, only to be greeted by Baba’s own attack. Baba doesn’t trust Harlan and believes he has sided with the enemy. In fact, Harlan bought them more valuable time and was always in Pennsa’s defense.

The end

Harlan suggests returning to Pennsa quickly and sounding the alarm. A war is coming and they don’t know if Maghra is prepared for it. Tormada has carts of bombs ready for action, no army could so quickly protect their city from this unholy attack. Baba agrees with Harlan and then leaves to burn down the building. Haniwa is heartbroken as she watches her father burn these halls of records that hold centuries of knowledge. She wants to stop Baba, but Kofun stands in her way. The siblings fight and Haniwa even points a gun at her brother. It’s a strange fight between brother and sister, but another pointless one. The records are as good as lost.

Haniwa apologizes to Sheva for destroying her home and losing so much wealth. However, Sheva responds by stating that there are many more of these buildings around the world, and suggests that Haniwa shouldn’t lose faith just yet.

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